It’s not vegetarian: Catherine Siachok explains why Miguel Veroni “dried up”

From Miguel Veroni to Catherine Chiacok. Photo: Instagram soyvaroni

Famous Colombian actress Catherine Siachok has broken her silence and her husband has revealed the reason for it. Famous actor Miguel Veroni, He lost weight and recently shocked his fans all over the world.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, Miguel revolutionized social networks after being spotted with a shocking body change: very thin, highly gray hair and, according to internet users, He was “very finished”, with dark circles, much older than the 56 he currently holds.

After rumors that Miguel was excited, that too, Some dare to say that the commemorative actor who simulated ‘Pedro, the scaly’ has parted ways with Catherine. The Bogota woman conducted an interview and provided details about it.

“People, I make it clear, everyone says Miguel is very skinny because he’s a vegetarian. I’m a bone, and I’m jealous of Miguel being so skinny.”, In an interview with actress Venezuelan writer Indira Pace on Instagram, she was asked about the issue, where Sioux said Kovit-19 had a negative impact on her husband, so he thinks this has had an impact as well.

“I think I have never seen someone lose weight so fast, they were so dry, dehydrated, and I know a friend, he was swollen after Kovit. I tell him, if he had hit me, he would have swollen too, he was so skinny, God bless, ”Catherine said.

Here are the reports:

It should be noted that the artist’s followers were shocked by his body transformation and began to spread rumors that he had a serious illness, in fact, they posted many comments on the social networks where they asked him. “What happened, Mambri?” , “Friend, how are you?”, “Explain to someone what’s going on”, Wrote followers of him on social networks.

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After these speculations and, according to the plan I know everything, The actor is in perfect health, only this time, You are using a new diet plan that has made changes in your body. The reason he lost so much was because he had been following a strict vegetarian diet for a few months. At the same time his wife Catherine Ciachok applied for several years.

However, comments continued to appear on social media: “He’s so skinny. What did he do?” “Is his weight loss related to any new character or product?”; “I do not understand why he is so thin”; “Well known before, when it was so strong ”;” Miguel, you’re so skinny, you’re a little old “; We care … you’re bad. God bless you ”, Netizens reported.

It should be noted that Catherine, who was recalled for participating in several productions such as ‘Heaven Without Breasts’ starring as Hilda, had a surprising change in appearance just like her partner. Comments and reactions.

Through his official Instagram account, which has more than 4.8 million followers, Siasok showed Haircut and makeup change This was done a few months ago, but until this week it began to resonate with public opinion.

Some comments earned by the famous artist: “You are beautiful Guy”; “Years do not pass, girl”; “Oh, but that Veroni is really lucky with that beautiful girl”; “You look beautiful with both looks” and many more.

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