Salma Hayek wears a bikini with a cookie skirt that gives off a wasp waist

Salma Hayek, She has caught everyone’s attention with her latest beach outfit: a stunner Bikini With A Crochet skirt. This collection not only highlights your beauty and personal style but also shows you how to combine outfits to highlight your curves. Wasp waist.

Salma Hayek wears a swimsuit that shows off a flat stomach

The navy blue color is known to flatter all skin tones and create a sense of elegance. Salma chose Swimwear In this tone Perfectly suits your figure, highlighting their attributes in a flattering way. Details like embellishments or the shape of the bra can make all the difference to achieve a unique look.

Paired with a cookie skirt, it’s a smart choice. Interesting variation with Navy blue bikini Additionally, the design of this dress will help highlight the waist.

Salma Hayek wears a swimsuit that will flatten your stomach. Photo: Instagram

How to achieve a sophisticated look with a navy bikini

If you want to recreate the style strawHere are some tips:

  • Choose a bikini in a color that flatters you and fits your figure comfortably.
  • Look for details that add a special touch, such as embroidery, lace or embellishments.
  • Choose a crochet skirt in a shade that complements your swimsuit.
  • Add subtle accessories like a beach hat or a cute bracelet to complete the look. Clothes.

In short, the set Navy bikini And Crochet skirt That’s how it looks Salma Hayek This is an example of how to combine clothes to highlight the figure in an elegant way. If you want to recreate this look, choose clothes that give you confidence and don’t forget to add your personal touch.

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