It is the world’s largest roller coaster

A roller coaster is usually the main attraction in amusement parks; These rides defy gravity with their large sizes and high speeds.

It was recently announced that the famous company Six Flags will create a record-breaking roller coaster of its gigantic proportions.

This is Falcon’s Flight, which stands 655 feet (199.6 meters) tall and can be found at Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia.

Philip Case, general director of the amusement park, promised to “do things that have never been done before.” The under-construction site will have 28 towers, many of which will set a new record, such as the Scirocco Descent Tower, which will be approximately 144 meters tall, USA TODAY reported.

How about the world’s tallest roller coaster?

Apart from its height of 199 meters, it can reach a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. To achieve that goal, the track uses three different pitches throughout. According to ‘Coaster 101’, each carriage will have a capacity of 14 passengers, as well as 35 individually controllable light modules.

Due to the characteristics described above, passengers must wear safety glasses. According to ‘Hobby Consoles’, each row of the vehicle will have a mirror to prevent spectators from encountering bugs or any airborne particles.

Intamin explains that the first car will be shaped like a hawk’s head and will have room for only two passengers, while the others will seat up to four people.

In one of the videos explaining the route of the roller coaster, from the beginning it can be seen running up a huge hill, reaching 151 km/h from the first drop. You will then encounter two other missiles that will take you to a cliff where you will fall.

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Passing that point, you’ll slow down a bit as you reach the top of the hill and reach the highest point of the attraction, ending the journey with a few twists and turns.

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