WhatsApp has a new option to record video from within the app

In 2023 the app will also get a dedicated function for searching news. (Photo: Addiction)

application Share it Develops new functions and features that are tested in beta versions for devices Android As for the devices iOSAnd in this case, establishing certain functions for users application.

In the last months 2022 And at the beginning of the new year, some of those who applied within the process were allowed to expand the new version. application By adding functionality that allows users to create new Exclusive feature User’s camera functionality differentiates between sections dedicated exclusively to capturing photos and sections only for format images. Video.

Although the WABetaInfo website claims that this is a development of beta tests application They have started showing a different section to catch Pictures In this it specifically differentiates between currently taken photos and photos that can be taken from a messaging site. application This establishes a distinction between the two types of content.

WhatsApp app to take pictures.  (share)
WhatsApp app to take pictures. (share)

When executing the function Photo tool Directly from the devices, users will have the ability to choose depending on the two types of capture mode web page: One will be dedicated Photographs And another for videos is done on cell phones Manjana And any other application A distinction is made between the two forms of multimedia content.

The main mode will be classic capture Pictures This includes images from the device’s gallery that can be sent within the conversation, while the second form doesn’t just exclude content. Photographs Within a selection of videos GalleryBut it allows instant capture of videos application.

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During the development phase of the app’s new functionality, the app includes a new button SocialChanged the shortcut to the camera function Share itSo the messaging app took the place of the photo functionality for this new access, thus creating the need to create this new way. Photographs Own within the application.

Currently, though the Communities section is active Share it has created a shortcut Photo tool At the top right of the screen on devices using this app, the app keeps merging both channels of screenshots. Pictures Instead of differentiating them as in beta functions of new ones Upgrade of Share it.

New WhatsApp camera button after adding communities to the app.  (WABetaInfo)
New WhatsApp camera button after adding communities to the app. (WABetaInfo)

One of the most anticipated innovations among the users of the application, at least for those who use the devices iOS 16Adding a new way to search for messages that doesn’t use hints of words included in messages. textsBut the date they were sent.

According to the WABetaInfo site, users Share it On cell phones Manjana A dedicated filter can be used for authentication news As per the specified delivery date, the platform is expected to join it with its features this year.

Search WhatsApp message by date.  (Photo: WAbetaInfo)
Search WhatsApp message by date. (Photo: WAbetaInfo)

For a small group of users to access this functionality, they must enter a search news Then click on the calendar-shaped icon that appears on the app’s keyboard. This functionality gives people the opportunity to search for messages from the date they were sent within the parameters established by a specific text search. Conversation.

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There is currently no official release date for any of the updates to the public, but they are expected to appear in the global version of the platform 2023.

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