Isa Gonzalez claims to be the highest grossing actress in Hollywood

Isa Gonzalez This Sunday she boasted of being one of the five highest grossing stars in Hollywood, which, according to a special portal, is very important to the Mexican woman because she is a woman and a Latin.

“It goes to my Mexican and Latinos”

According to the data of the portal Numbers, Gonzalez is the fifth highest-earning star on the list, According to the National Box Office of films that played a major role in 2021 and the previous two years.

The first woman on the list is Isa Gonzalez, only behind Samuel L. Jackson, Who guides the table, Tom Holland, Liam Neeson Y Will Smith.

A few days after lamenting the pressure he was under in Hollywood and posting a harsh message on Twitter, he said it was “destroying” his mental health, and now he is very positive.

“It goes to my Mexican and Latinos because we deserve to see it. Thank you for your support, because you just go to the movies,” he said on his Twitter account.

Through social networks, Isa recalled how many times a woman of Latin descent would cry when asked “any repetitive stereotype” or “repeat.” She can’t be the protagonistBut that does not encourage her, she continues to believe in herself.

“I never thought I’d see it for myself. This is for my people, Mexican. Latin people have always believed,” said the actress, who was “very proud” of the achievement.

Isa Gonzalez: Half a dozen films in three years

This list seeks to recognize the box office success of actors and actresses over time and not only because of a huge isolated success; That’s why they rate them based on the revenue their films receive in three years.

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During this period, Isa Gonzalez has starred in half a dozen films, Including three lead roles.

Gonzalez recently screened with Demiன்n Pichir “Godzilla vs. Kong” last March, which topped the box office in the US and Canada for several weeks, according to data from the special portal Box Office Mojo. Rosamond also co-starred with Netflix in the movie “Don’t Worry, I’ll Take Care of You”.

Will appear in this list Michael Penn, an American actor of Mexican descent, is also in tenth place; And Mexican Lupita Nyongo in the eleventh.


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