Is Vicente Fernandez Bioserie more expensive than Squid Game?

Vicente Fernandez He is still in the Country 2000 Hospital in Guadalajara, and his series already includes millionaire sums donated to his relatives. These are the details!

The “Mexican singer“, Vicente Fernandez It will be the inspiration to create a new series, which was confirmed several weeks ago, in which, they have already paid a millionaire to their family.

Series “King“, In which Jaime will play Cam and has already paid his relatives for giving up Vicente Fernandez’s life rights.”The Charro of Huntidon“.

This Wednesday alone, the Fernandez family received $ 10 million (200 million pesos) to make a living.ranchera Music Statue“To the screen, the clip starts at 2:30, as revealed by driver Pedro Sola de Ventanando.

They unofficially told me that it would cost the Fernandes family $ 10 million to tell this series … that’s what they told me … I don’t know, said a spokesman who confirmed the planned premiere in 2022.

The plot will have 36 episodes and it will be the same family of the 81-year-old singer, who promised that he will be very involved in the script.

Although the new product has been confirmed, it will be the responsibility of Caracol Television to say that it was announced in the midst of a health crisis. “Merchant“Music, they promise, the project has already been approved, they promise.

The announcement, made last September, would have been closely overseen by the “entrepreneur”, he explained such headlines.Repeat“,” My Way “,” A Million Fountains “among many.

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As they point out, “s fatherகுட்டிக் குட்டி“I tried to inspire new generations”Discographic producer“Until he became one of the most important symbols of Rangera music in Mexico and much of the world, he built his life on the many efforts he made as a humble mason.

Before this “செந்தே“He was the victim of a catastrophic fall on his farm.”The Three Fools“This led to her being admitted to the emergency department on Friday, August 6, when she suffered severe damage to the cervix near the head where she underwent emergency surgery.

To this day, apparently, health “Mexican film actorVicente Fernண்டndez Gomez, 81, of the Hyundai area in El Alto, Jalisco, appears to be recovering from a recurrence of the tracheostomy and his syndrome (Gillin-Barre).

Similarly, it was reported that he will be playing the role known by the tape as “Jaime Camille”.Mason“,” El Arracadas “,” Scoundrel, but was honored “among many.”

In addition to the performances by Enoch Liano and Odysseo Pichir, to mention some confirmed participation, the latter will give life to a priest, who will first appear in a funny 3 br3 scene with a purple Kazakh scene. Service.

On November 8, Marquette del Repugio Abarca Villacenor, the husband of “Ququita”, spent three months in hospital, leaving the “Sente” intensive care unit, and it is known that every day he is improving his health. Health according to official medical reports.

It has also recently emerged that the patriots of Fernandes, Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro may be transferred to his home, according to Juan Jose Origen.

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