Parents who lived on the streets with three children are selling a house donated by Cubans

A couple with three children They slept on the street In the city of Holguin and it They got a house in September Thanks to donations from Cuba and abroad, it was revealed on social networks that they sold the property.

Rapper this Monday Yotuel Romero – who played an important role in the unity event – asked about the family on Facebook and in the comment section of the publication. Several testified that the couple had sold the house.

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“I am saddened and disappointed to learn that my children have sold the house they gave me. It is hard to accept that something so special has changed hands. What a pain! Poor kids. Back to the same thing. Humanity died in Cuba. to tear“Yotuel wrote in another publication, once he confirmed the sale in various ways.

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It is also the case that the sale is illegal Yotuel asserted that he owned the property in comments to both publications. In this sense, many suggested that he initiate a legal process to claim the house.

Some commentators have suggested that in the case of such donations, a better solution would be to place the houses in the names of minors to avoid such consequences.

Comedian Limay Blanco already did that in recent days, when he announced that he would present the house number 27 of his solidarity project Cristo Cambia Vidas, he mentioned it. The house was put in the name of a woman. This prevents adults from making decisions about housing.

As for the Holguin family, Some neighbors in the area testified to seeing a “For Sale” sign in front of the house, and someone said the family had just walked into a doctor’s office.Something that is not confirmed.

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In the third publication on the subject, Yoduel wrote a message to one of the girls in the Romero family.

“Dear, I want you to know that you are a special and valuable person. Sometimes things don’t go as expected and unexpected changes can happen in our lives. I understand that it is difficult to accept your parents’ decision. We bought you a house, but I want to remind you that God’s love never changes. ,” he wrote at the beginning of an emotional speech.

Trust that God has a plan for you despite the challenges. He will watch over you and guide you on this path. Circumstances may change, but you are strong and we will continue to support you. Remember what you are worth. Not depending on the house or material but the person you are, be brave and keep believing in yourself and God. With His love and your determination, I’m sure you can be a champion in anything. situation you face,” the rapper said.

In the final section, Yotuel reiterated his support for the minor and said she is an amazing woman.

Facebook/Yotuel capture

The case of the family sleeping on the street came to light in August through complaints from citizens and activists in the eastern city. Buying a house became a reality in a few days.

In the comments section of Yotuel Romero’s three publications about the unfortunate outcome of the case, many asked that what happened should not become a hindrance to campaigns and those who help in similar cases.

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