They stuffed the stands! Real Spain have acknowledged their best box office vs. vita in a top-tier system at Morason-Tees.

The The real Spain This season he had his best regular season in 13 years and the most important match of the last tournament took place on Tuesday night, where his fans did not fail despite an extraordinary day of football controversy, and he made the best box office. For the Arinegra team in the match, against the Classic Olympiad (1-1)

“Come on, let’s go to the royalty,” champetrono chanted from the opening whistle. Ramiro Rocca.

Despite the fact that not all tickets that the stadium could hold were put up for sale by Covid protocols, local fans sealed off stands in the East Veil and held a party in the shade and chair sections, where they fought with little enthusiasm. Groups of fans of Vita, with their “Life, Life, Life” passion and tried to create a presence with the southern sun.

Each play lived with emotion, and the slightest approach to the goal raised thousands of fans looking for something new for the first time in four years. Qualification To Real Espana.

Aurinegros fans came with the determination to fight to beat their team In the first place Regular rounds of the Apertura competition.

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