Ioan Băla is setting up a vaccination center in Iulius Town Timişoara

Ioan Băla started two days ago to organize a vaccination point in the city of Iulius, Timişoara.

“The access of people will be through the external staircase, for those who come from outside. They can also come from inside, on the stairs of the food court, and people who have locomotor problems, we have a lift, in the immediate vicinity, ”said Ioan Băla, development director of Iulius Town Timişoara.

Therefore, those who come to get vaccinated will not cross paths with those who go shopping.

Băla believes that other entrepreneurs should follow suit. Because immunization is a step towards revitalizing the economy.

“I appreciated that it is a contribution made in support of the local community, in order to accelerate the acquisition of additional assets to all members of the community, to be able to return to a normal life,” he added.

And as a financial effort, Băla says it is not very big. He invested in the compartmentalization of a space and furniture. When the DSP sends the medical staff, the vaccination can begin.

“We take care of the provision of space, public services, provision of flows in accordance with the standards that DSP presented us in an initial visit, and by Friday, these spaces will be functional,” said Ioan. The ball.

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