Alexandra and Andrea Bodes cause a stir in the world of chess! The New York Post compared them to the Netflix “Ladies Gambit” protagonist.

Alexandra and Andrea Bodes, daughters of some Romanian immigrants, create a show in the world of chess! Not only in the Alexandra and Andrea tournaments, but also on the online gaming platform Twitch has over 460,000 followers and broadcast live chess matches.

Alexandra Bodes (25 years old) holds an international master’s degree and is a graduate of Stanford University, where she was the first female president of the Chess Club! Romanian athlete represents Canada at the Olympics as a Post Woman, now considered A sense of chess.

The New York Post dedicated an article to the Romanian woman, calling her an influencer in the world of chess for her bold approach. American journalists compare Alexandra and Andrea to the hero of the successful Netflix series “Ladies Gambit” because of their bold approach In chess matches.

Alexandra Bodes, Romanian chess player

Alexandra Bodes was born in Dallas to Romanian parents and won the American Women’s National Championship at the age of 15. He also co-founded Credombe, a social media company that uses artificial intelligence for personal communication. After his initial work stoppage, he began broadcasting chess matches on Twitch in 2019.

He moved to the East Village in September 2019 and dedicated himself to streaming and producing content. In addition to live games, he also posts personal content with his 18-year-old sister Andrea, who is a talented player who has won national tournaments and many cash prizes.

Alexandra and Andrea Bodes perform on the online gaming site Twitch

Alexandra has more than 210,000 followers on Instagram, while Andrea has more than 110,000 followers, while their YouTube channel Bodeslive has nearly 200,000 followers. In late November, Alexandra and her sister were interviewed by BBC Radio 1 about the online chess community and how realistic the Netflix play “Ladies Gambit” was.

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As chess became more popular in Twitz, the YouTube channel of sisters Alexandra and Andrea Bodes also grew. While they had 61,000 fans on Twitter in January, the number of followers on their channel exploded in recent months, surpassing 450,000 followers, as the epidemic forced people to stay indoors without much competition to watch.

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