Integrated transport systems for patients assessed in Vieques

Seeks to improve the quality of health services, especially the transition to medical appointments, said Carlos “Johnny” Mendes Nice, spokesman for the New Progressive Party’s delegation in the House of Representatives to the island’s municipality of Vix. A meeting with the Department of Health and the Soy Vix Foundation to outline the parameters of a plan for patient sea and air transport.

“Vignes is eligible for a modern and permanent medical-hospital facility in Wykes and a first-rate medical service, including a plan to take patients to medical appointments outside the island municipality. We need to explore new alternatives that will allow – then take him from Ziba to the medical office and then back home. “

“According to the data provided, there are currently about 70 patients in Wyx, who often have to go to consecutive conditions with specialists outside the island. It is difficult, therefore, to identify ways to facilitate their services and to establish an integrated transportation system for these types of activities, ”said Mendes Nice, who represents Rio Grande, Lucvillo, Fajardo, Ziba, Vix and Culebra districts # 36.

During the conference, which took place yesterday, Monday, members of the Soy Vix Foundation described the details of a Weeks patient transportation plan, which included taking the person out of their home and transferring them to Isabel II’s dock to pick up booked seats. Ships of the Maritime Transportation Authority (ATM) were collected for the transfer and return of the old Roosevelt Roads in Ziba Municipality to the designated location at the new ATM terminal at the Naval Base.

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If there is a situation at the ATM service, due to inclement weather, the patient will be transferred by an airline operator from the Antonio Riviera Rodriguez de Vix Regional Airport.

“This is a concept that needs to be evaluated very carefully because it will be very useful for Vignes. We will continue to study ideas and ideas that will directly improve Vignes’ quality of life and Coleprens,” Mundes Nice concluded.

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