InES de Género from the University of California participates in an unprecedented national scientific conference from a gender perspective

Design of specialties

Out of a group of seven university professors who participated in the conference, four benefited from the competition “Interdisciplinary Research 2023”, funded by the InES Género project and the University of California Research Directorate. The aim was to address gender issues that require an interdisciplinary approach to develop, or that have not been studied from an interdisciplinary perspective in the past. This, and encouraging the implementation of innovative research projects that enhance interaction between different academic units.

One such academic is Denise Mont-Blanchard, of the California University of Design, who arrived at the meeting in Talca with her presentation titled “Worun: Feeling Safe Through Design.” Reflections on Gender Inequality in Urban Women’s Races.

“In my field of research, there are historical biases towards conducting clinical studies that do not consider women. “This leaves us beholden to scientific evidence that allows us to make new treatment proposals to meet patients’ needs.”The researcher says about the importance of science, technology, knowledge and innovation issues that are viewed from a gender perspective. “We want to be able to incorporate a holistic view of health and we must take into account the gender perspective to facilitate behavioral changes towards a more active life, because it is a multifactorial problem.”Adds Denise Mont Blanchard.

From their point of view, this type of scientific meeting is important for advancing research from a gender perspective. “Networking and exchanging experiences to collaborate and jointly build a solid body of knowledge.”.

On the same path as design research and with a focus on gender stands Katherine Mollenhauer, a professor of design at the University of California. Name your presentation? “Designed by Women: An Effective Model for a Historical, Non-Sexist, and Co-Creative Study of Chilean Design Pioneers”.

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Such cases are relevant because “It allows us to exchange experiences achieved in the field of knowledge generation from a gender perspective, whether in the theoretical field or in the applied and creative field.”“, comments Kathryn Mollenhauer, who believes it is necessary to have spaces “Where to share what are raised as problems in each school, and how they are addressed. It is important to listen to those who are experts on these issues, but also to those who have tacit knowledge that can guide us on this path because everything is accumulating.”“, points out the researcher.

For her, a gender approach was essential in her research. She is currently the project director of Design by Women (DpM), an applied research project that not only seeks to clarify the paths of design pioneers at the national level, but also raises the standards that allow them to be recognized. “We seek to reduce the asymmetry in the vision of design pioneers in Chile (…). The fundamental, applied and creative research process at DpM is based on research ‘through design’, which also generates systematic results that allow the research process to be replicated and extended to other disciplines.”“, explains the conference speaker.

Health from a gender perspective

Among the university researchers attending the Talca meeting was Angelina Dewis, an academic from the School of Nursing. Like her colleague Margarita Bernales – also from UCLA – they received money from the competition “Interdisciplinary Research 2023”.

Angelina Dues song called “A proposal to reconcile family life and student life: a student perspective to reduce gender gaps in higher education”.

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Gender diversity in science, technology and innovation “It leads to a greater diversity of perspectives, approaches and solutions. By involving people of different genders in research and development, problems and needs that might otherwise go unnoticed can be identified, and more effective and relevant agreements can be reached for the entire community. Innovative and technological solutions can be designed More effectively to meet the specific needs of diverse groups of people.“, believes the researcher.

The College of Nursing professor says that incorporating a gender approach into research takes into account several layers and levels. “I began my research with a focus on gender. However, I believe that incorporating a gender approach involves considering how gender influences all stages of the research process, from design and data collection to analysing, interpreting and communicating the results. This helps make the findings relevant It is applicable to all categories of people.”.

“University training on gender inclusion and equality issues: perceptions of health professions students.” This is the topic that Margarita Bernales, a professor at the UCLA School of Nursing, has been researching for some time and which she presented at the conference held at the Universities of Talca and Autonoma.

She has a PhD in Masculinity and Health, and currently works with diverse populations, especially dissident groups. In fact, she is vice president “Scientific Society for Masculinity and Diverse Health.”created in Chile in 2021.

“The issue of gender is present in all the research I do, because I am interested in creating safe spaces for all communities and understanding how gender can become an element that contributes to the well-being of a community, if integrated into the appropriate elements. Path”says Margarita Bernales.

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– What is the importance of holding this first scientific conference from a gender perspective?

– Academic dialogue is always relevant to find out what others are doing, how they focus their research and knowledge, and to enrich each other in this engagement. Above all in this topic, it is very important to know the existing discourses in theory and social action. It is not necessary that we all agree with everyone, but in this discussion and presentation of arguments, dialogue is enriched, which is the work of the university and the responsibility we have as academics, to later replicate these dialogues with our students.

If you want to know more details about the conference, check out this link.

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