Lupita Nyong'o attends Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's concerts: “I healed myself”

Lupita Nyong'o developed a vocal polyp when she used a “super positive” voice for her character in the movie “Wild Robot”. (Thanks: Dreamworks/@beyonce/@taylorswift13)

actress Lupita Nyong'oThe star of the upcoming animated film Wild Robot (Wild Robot), he had to rest Vocal cords For three months after growing a Polyp Among them due to the demanding voice he adopted to explain his role. The Academy Award winner shared details of the experience during a recent appearance on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

What happened was that, at the beginning of the film, Lupita chose to use A “super positive” voice For his character, he thought it was the perfect tone for the performance. However, this same choice harmed his health, as he said, “My voice is not in the register, it's too low”.

Nyong'o had to be on voice rest for three months after losing the ability to speak. (Credit: Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS/Handout via REUTERS)

Trying to maintain that confident voice damaged his vocal cords. “I did it for days so long, I got a vocal polyp.”Revealed the actress known for her role A Quiet Place: Day One. Pictured, Nyong'o He plays Rose, a robot who “goes on this journey to find what he calls empathic humanity.”

Vocal cord polyps are benign, non-cancerous lesions that appear on one or both vocal cords. These lesions include nodules, cysts and the aforementioned polyps, mainly due to overuse or misuse of the vocal cords. Treatments for these conditions include voice therapy, behavioral changes to improve voice health, and in some cases surgery.

In “Wild Robot,” Lupita Nyong'o stars as Rose, a robot in search of humanity. (Thanks: DreamWorks)

Nyong'o, 41, was told by her doctor that she had lost the ability to speak and that she needed to rest her voice. “I was on vocal rest for three months”, he commented. Nyong'o is also remembered for her role as Nakia in movies Black Panther and other Marvel Studios titles.

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Lupita explained that she was initially scheduled to undergo surgery, but seriously changed her mind when her doctor explained that only one percent of people recover naturally. “I was very determined to be a part of it. 35%“Hollywood star recalled. “And I did. I healed myself”, he said about his long recovery process.

Knowing that 35% of people recover naturally from vocal polyps, the actress decided not to undergo surgery. (Credit: REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

Despite the positive case of the actress, the Cleveland Clinic (Citation shown People) indicates that Recovery without surgery is not common. “If you have a polyp or cyst you will need surgery. Unlike nodules, polyps and cysts do not usually improve with voice therapy,” the agency reports.

Despite her temporary inability to speak, Nyong'o hasn't stopped her from enjoying live music. In this way, the actress did not sit idle at home, but attended the concerts of two great singers, who give something to talk about thanks to their tours and personal life: Taylor Swift And Beyonce.

Despite being temporarily unable to speak, Lupita attended concerts by Nyong'o, Taylor Swift and Beyonce. (Credit: AP/Chris Pizzello)

Of course, Lupita had to take extra precautions to avoid harming her health. You should carry a note that says, “I'm on vocal rest.” Seth Meyers said during the interview. “Yes, I did it at home,” Nyong'o replied, adding that Cowboy Carter “improved” his identity by using a button for the teacher's concert.

“some times People thought I was rude because I didn't say anything.“, the actress shared. In those situations, she avoids talking and chooses to say hello and smile. “So I thought, 'Okay. Let people know what's going on and then they'll sympathize with me instead of hating me. ” he added with a laugh to his story.

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