Indonesia’s U-20 World Cup draw was canceled and the South American nation offered to host


raffle FIFA U-20 World Cup Inside Indonesia Indonesian football officials made the announcement following calls by the governor of Bali to ban the Indonesian team from the tournament. Israel.

Israel And Indonesia They have no diplomatic ties and the Southeast Asian country with the world’s largest Muslim population is a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.

A wasted effort? The reason for the suspension of the World Cup in which Honduras is participating in Indonesia

The FIFA The draw scheduled for this week has been canceled without giving reasons or a new date Football Federation of Indonesia (PSSI)This is a statement.

“The raffle has been cancelled. This is understandable as the opposition has come from the Governor of Bali,” said Arya Chinulinga, a member of the Federation’s steering committee, at a press conference on Sunday.

“Israel is a participant and cannot draw without all participants,” he added. FIFA He did not respond to questions from AFP.

Wayne CoasterBali’s governor had called for a boycott of the Israeli team because of Indonesia’s pro-Palestinian policy in a letter to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in March.

The Under 20 World CupThe 24 teams will come together and play in various cities across the Southeast Asian archipelago from May 20 to June 11.

This is the first time an Israeli team has qualified for the tournament, and the Indonesian government has promised to ensure the safety of all participants.

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The organizers planned to have the Israeli team play in the majority island of Bali Hindu populationAvoid problems, but the governor’s opposition questioned this plan.

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In mid-March, a hundred demonstrators, sympathizers of conservative Muslim groups, demonstrated. Jakarta Against the participation of the Israeli team.

Political leaders have warned that Indonesia There was a risk of isolation and losing the structure of competition FIFA If this does not resolve the issue.

Indonesia The worst disaster in football history. Last October, 135 fans died at a stadium on the island of Java.

Indonesian officials worked to restore the country’s reputation, which was suspended FIFA Inside 2015Because of government interference in football affairs.

-South American Country Offered-

Facing the problems that have arisen, FIFAIt does not judge the matter, yes, Argentina Although Albiceleste will not be competing, it has already offered to host the tournament.

They finally offered to host from Indonesia if they took their place from the Argentine Football Association. Of course, they ask to be included.

In AFA Looking forward to the next few hours. Negotiations are over, and the joint bid is under the illusion that the event serves as a showcase to promote the 2030 Senior World Cup. Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

Argentina The monument is qualified to host the tournament because it has first-class fields like other buildings such as Santiago del Estero, San Juan, San Luis, Córdoba, Mendoza and La Plata.

We will have to wait and see what FIFA will take and whether it will allow the tournament to be held in the country of the reigning world champions.

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