Sci-fi shooter “Synced” announces its release window

Level Infinite, in collaboration with developer NExT Studios, revealed that… archer Free team game synchronous He will arrive this summer. In addition to announcing the launch window, the studio confirmed that the delivery will be released on current generation consoles i.e. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on a date to be specified.

As seen in the game summary synchronous In a sci-fi shooter set in the near future, where nanotechnology has become the backbone of civilization. After a cataclysm known as the Meltdown, the nanomachines appear to power their creators, consuming humans and turning them into deadly nanites in order to reproduce. In this apocalyptic scenario, players will take on the role of the Travelers, fortune seekers who travel across Meridian in search of a precious, patented nano-energy material named Nerva.

Players can team up with three players to engage in intense PvE and PvP battles and sync with the Ultimate Nanos they have downed, turning them into companion Nanos to deploy them strategically against attacking hordes and even opposing players. Each of these nano classes – Crusher, Suppressor, Guardian and Seer – will have their own special abilities, allowing players to choose the class that best suits their play style.

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In terms of gameplay aspects, the developer confirms a three-traveler PvE mode in which players have to explore a deserted wasteland, caves, industrial facilities, as well as other scenarios to encounter hordes of nanites. , gather resources and reduce the infection that has taken over the area known as Meridian. In PvP mode, on the other hand, we will face travelers and other nanos in a struggle to get the most Nerva before the reapers leave the map and time runs out.

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During the open beta that ended in January, the NExT team took feedback from participants and based on that, made changes to improve the gaming experience before launch. New additions include a single player mode, for all those who want to take on Meridian solo, a wide range of nano mods with more skills, abilities and tactics, as well as new action modes such as speed dash or the hover board It will give users additional advantages on the battlefield.

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