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Deportivo Galle were once again victims of Liga Betplay II-2022, this time on behalf of Atlético Nacional, who exposed their faults in Attanasio Girardot at the weekend. with goals Dorlan BaboneAndrés ‘Rifle’ Andrade and Andrés Felipe Román took the victory to strengthen the purslane team in the group of eight.

At the end of the game, Babone went to the media with his coach. The experienced attacker was upset by one of the journalists’ questions in which they questioned a play that could have ended in a goal, and when he came up with the ‘rifle’ he decided to kick the goal. His reply went viral.

“(with a smile) Dude, what minute did the play happen? What’s the play?” From the front you look at the target, sometimes you can’t see your partner, or you keep your head down, it depends on the moment” .

Then, with obvious disgust, he continued: “But that’s it, you don’t see the others, what’s strange, right? We always look for the bad, and there are times when one makes the wrong decision, and then I did. Wrong, we’re not perfect, are we?”

Nacional defeated Deportivo Galle 3-0 to reach 19 points, allowing them to stay in the eight-man group. It is separated from the leaders by just 5 units: Millonarios and Unión Magdalena.

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