Indodel measures the quality of services that telephone companies provide to users

In the coming weeks the Dominican Telecommunications Company (Indotel) will receive equipment for telephone companies to conduct evaluations and measure the quality of services received by users.

Nelson Arroyo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, provided the information at a benevolent conclusion on the eve of World Telecommunication Day.

“Precisely, The Indotel has developed an international tender We plan to get the teams next week, ”the official said.

The last monitoring was in 2018 with rental equipment, but this time they will be with their own equipment, Arroyo explained.

“This will enable us to make measurements at all times, and more efficiently,” he said.

Digital split

On the other hand, Arroyo stressed that they are at a “critical” stage in efforts to reduce digital divisions, although he pointed out that Telecommunication Day “has many shortcomings in the region”.

In this sense, the head of Indodal said that he has many plans in place to make progress in eradicating “that evil”.

The National Broadband Plan is one of the plans, and according to Arroyo, it will cover the most remote and remote areas of the country.

He also revealed that This year they will be developing a merger plan, With an investment of 150 million pesos.

“Our biggest challenge is the completion of the digital segment and an effective regulation that allows companies to make money, but also allows users to receive quality service and at a lower cost,” Arroyo stressed.

ர சி து

Regarding the telecommunications bill, Arroyo aims to modernize the current law, which is now about 23 years old.

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“Some modern tools have not been thought of,” he said, adding that “communication law does not even mention the word Internet, very low broadband.”

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