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A new improvement, which is already in the index Share, Expects significant improvement in privacy: We can choose to delete messages by default. Without having to activate them individually or in a specific chat group: Messages can cause self-destruction even in new chats they call us.

A key meeting for WhatsApp this week was not to waste the May 15 deadline last year Users will accept the new Privacy Policy; This should not affect European citizens in principle (Although Germany raised serious doubts). To date, May 17, The controversial announcement has not yet jumped, But we have progress related to another aspect of privacy: self-destruction or temporary news. WhatsApp wants to empower them.

Messages that disappear by default even for new chats

Adjusting the temporary mode in the privacy of WhatsApp. Image from WabetaInfo

Currently, we can choose Self-destructive messages In any private or group chat, always from conversation settings. The so-called ‘temporary news’ Disappears from conversations seven days after shipment; Time to tweak WhatsApp to give user more time frames. And that’s not all.

As discovered by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp works on updating its temporary messages to allow each user Run them by default from your application settings. This way, all the chats you participate in will automatically delete the messages. Even from user invitees: This will ensure that all conversations they participate in are intermittent. Without the need to configure temporary messages for each conversation.

According to the screen shots shown by WaBetaInfo, ‘disappearing mode’ (or ‘temporary mode’, of course WhatsApp translates this) From Privacy Options, you can enable within Account Settings. It is currently in an advanced stage of development, so it would not be strange if WhatsApp soon expands to its applications for Android and iOS (which is found in the iPhone beta). Of course with the will Fix self-destructive messages for a day or a week.

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We have to wait for the option to enable temporary messages by default. This option, with some further development, may come with the next standard version of WhatsApp.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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