Canelo Alvarez. The coach says Sanders is ‘lesser’

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Billy Joe Sanders Live “as a fight” before his defeat C “l” Canelo “Alvarez, Said his coach, Mark Tips He explained that the former British champion has only contact with him Close friends and family.

Sanders decided that the tips Didn’t go out in the ninth round After Canelo Right eye socket fracture, He only called him twice after the defeat, in addition to receiving a message and he was now done to see it Wants to isolate.

“A friend of his texted me and told me about the situation and he wants to be with his friends and family right now. Below itHe told Doxport.

Sanders, a proud guy

He said Sanders came from a community “Very proud”Therefore, the integration of failure is very complex, and sometimes it is complex Canello.

He put up a good fight until he got an eye injury After a win. It will be hard for Billy Joe but He has a good family around him And good support with his friends, “said Tipps.

It’s like grief; This is something he has to overcome, he has kids around him, it will help him progress and you have to keep things going, ”he added.

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