Felicia Garza was admitted to the hospital after complications due to her gender reassignment Important

Mexico City.- Singer and songwriter, Felicia Carza It was revealed that he should be admitted to the hospital for problems obtained from Hormonalization They stopped following exactly what could have been the consequences for him.

“From the moment I started getting the hormone, that is, estrogens, this is the risk to people who make these changes. To be precise I stopped the hormone a long time ago You have a tendency Suffers from thrombophlebitis ”, He said first hand.

Corsa talked about the subtle state of health, which is the result of complications His gender reassignment.

The Mexican star explained that he had experienced an attack To walk properly Since one of his legs was injured, he had to be under strict medical supervision.

“I had a thrombotic attack, thrombophlebitis. I have lumps in the lower part of my left leg. I had to go to the doctor, They carried out my experiments, I have to be very supervised, very strict care because logically they can go to any part of the body and There may be injuries “, He thought.

Felicia Garza talked about the severe pain she presented in her thigh, which swelled and gave way to a stroke, and they noticed that they were trying to dissolve the clot so as not to affect another part of the body.

Finally, Garza confirmed that the vaccine against Govt-19 is not available to him at the moment Be prepared for the moment I have to leave: “I wrote my summary, When I die“Wherever I go back, let it be good for everyone.”

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At the age of 74, Corsa decided to leave Felipe Gill because he had long been known as an artist and composer in music, and he came to capture festivals like OTI.

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