INBIONATEC was present at the Provincial Science and Technology Fair

Meeting point: The technological node of Santiago del Estero. In that place, from July 5 to 7, an already popular remake appears Provincial Science and Technology Fairin which members of the NOA Institute of Biotechnology (INBIONATEC, CONICET-UNSE) participated in bringing a set of experimental and entertaining proposals closer to boys, girls and young adults from the regional education system.

In the 20th edition of the event, a team of specialists from the CONICET NOA Sur Institute has presented a platform with multiple activities, in search of a common goal: to awaken scientific careers in young people. In this direction, students of schools and colleges in the region were surprised by the presentation of spectroscopy and microscopy techniques. They learned about knowledge related to molecular biology and nanotechnology.

This was one of the 320 educational science projects (previously selected at provincial fairs) presented under the framework of the exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the provincial Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. With regard to the purpose of the INBIONATEC initiative, the recipient of the scholarship from home, Alba Lotto expressed her sentiments: “The idea was to present experiences and show what is being done at the institute,” adding that with this they sought to create a playful space and make their lines of work known to the school community. In fact, to the team’s surprise, expectations were exceeded: “There were several teachers from within Santiago who, in particular, were looking for how to set up their own laboratory”, and in this sense they gave their advice, the possibility of getting to know the daily dynamics of the institute through the visit.

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Likewise, it notes that “special mention” was given to elementary schools that submitted projects with a biotechnology orientation, where “the creativity of teachers and students was greatly appreciated in working with the resources they have, and in demonstrating the impact that (the project in question) has on people’s everyday lives.” .

The preferred jury selection initiative called INBIONATEC completed waste 2, It was promoted by students and teachers from the San José de Casalans School in the city of Pampa de los Guanacos; Which aims to create a prototype biodegrader, using local materials for small-scale biogas production, as well as to raise awareness among students and families about the use of organic waste.

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