Celaya flag: is a young scientist of Celaya national pride

Celaya, Guanajuato. – At the age of 23, young DIlan Michelle Perez Ramosoriginally from Guerrero but celayense adopted from the age of 13, He has reaped many scientific fruits at the national and international level, won on multiple occasions and even been recognized as Scientist of the Year, thanks to Two projects I developed: biodiesel and biodegradable membrane.

These projects prompted the young man to win an internship at NASA, perhaps for the months of August or September.

He is currently studying Environmental Engineering at Mexico’s National Technological Institute, Celaya Campus.

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In the months from April to June of this year, he participated in two research projects in different competitions, which he won.

Share it One of its projects is “Construction, Start-up and Control of a Bioreactor for Biodiesel”, It is under the supervision of Dr. Maria de la Luz Zochitel Negret, Research Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering.

“What the project is all about is the production of biodiesel from unused waste in the area, and from here we are giving life to the fried oil that has already been used, according to several surveys, the majority of people who use this resource end up dumping it in the drains, that’s why The reason is, with this project, we avoid this problem.

We are currently considering using castor seeds to make biodiesel from seed oil, as research indicates that this seed has a higher energy level than other sunflower seeds, soybeans, and others,” said the young man.

The second project is the study and development of biodegradable membrane With health benefits, it is made from extracts of seaweed and also serves to store food or liquids.

“It is a product that can help reduce the production of plastic, it is a small container, which has the advantage of being able to store liquids, however, it currently has drawbacks like the container itself and we have to do something that defines and it does not seem that it is possible to get sick by not having any coating.”

He explained that this product was developed in other countries, but the innovation is that when used, the film remains pure and can be disposed of without affecting plants and animals.

“And another innovation is that if you have a plant that has a fungal infection, you can fight it. And that innovation is what has led us to so many breakthroughs, because by reducing that fungus with something that doesn’t affect us, something that is possible.”

Dylan Michel Perez Ramos began to actively participate in national and international competitions, among which Global Science Streetwhich was held in Sydney, Australia, is an exclusive event, because only people who have won first place in international events can participate, only 100 people of this merit can register in the same way He took first place, won two awards, participated in the biodiesel project and as an award he received the trophy and his training at NASA.

“I was first and second a girl from the United States and third from Japan and she is also going to NASA,” he said.

however, The 23-year-old cannot enter the US because he does not have a visa, but he has already made an appointment to comeShould he give it to him, he hopes to do the training by August or September.

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The organizers bear the expenses for flights and accommodation, as well as the memorial suit, while the expenses of food and other personal expenses are borne by the young man.

“It will be a week-long stay, with different activities such as workshops, courses, training on rocket propulsion, entry to NASA facilities and more activities, depending on the agenda of NASA,” the young man said.

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Currently, he will pay for his visa and papers with what he has won in previous competitions, although he will look for ways to obtain economic resources for other expenses that arise and his stay is enjoyable and without restrictions.

Representing Celaya, Guanajuato, Tecnologico and the country fills him with pride.

“Representing the organization I’ve worked for for nearly 5 years is so much fun, and being able to give back a portion of my knowledge back to the community is so personal, it’s something I didn’t imagine when I was so young, but I was like so many others, just getting a degree, a nine Or a ten, but I realized that by following this path, from purely good grades, I would not surpass it, and from there the desire was born to enter into other situations and stressed that there is a greater kind of support in these events.”

future projects

Among his other projects is participating in a competition to be held in Russia in September this year, here all support will be backed by the government of Guanajuato.

Finally, among his future plans, he wants to study a master’s degree but abroad, and get a CONACYT scholarship to reach and continue to grow. Another possible scenario is the development of a small business and the development of its projects.

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Finally, he called on young people to pursue their dreams and find the motivation to carry out their plans and always move forward.

  • the first. Placed in the World Champion Cup in the Biotechnology category.
  • the first. A place at a national event organized by the Young Scientists Association
  • State Youth Award
  • National Scientific and Technological Innovation Award
  • Scientist of the Year award from the World Association for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
  • the first. Venue at Universal Science Street, in Sydney Australia
  • the first. Place the National Student Event for Science, Engineering and Technological Innovation (ENECIIT) 2022 Edition
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