Transformation dialogues are a space for citizen freedom, and culture is freedom: Susanna Harp

  • Licensing Senator Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar attends as a special guest
  • They presented 35 proposals on this topic

Within the framework of developing transformation dialogues in Chiapas, the “Voices of Culture” forum was held under the chairmanship of Senator Susana Harp Ituribarria, National Coordinator of Transformation Dialogues in this regard.

Senator Licensing Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar attended the event held in San Cristóbal de las Casas, and recognized the efforts and work of the organizers to be able to hold this important forum for the culture of Chiapas.

In her participation, the National Coordinator of the Transformation Dialogues on Cultural Affairs, Susana Harp, affirmed that “what we want is to generate a space of absolute freedom, because that is culture, and culture is freedom and culture, considering it “this great” mission that includes the fine arts of the indigenous people of Mexico.”

He also thanked the participation of all attendees in creating this great cultural community made up of the efforts of citizens, to know all that has been done well, but also what the country owes to the cultural community.

Susanna Harp thanked all the actors for submitting their various proposals from different cultural fields such as cinema, literature, music, drawing, and others.

The coordinator of the Chiapas Transformation Dialogues, Juan Carlos Gomez Aranda, welcomed Susana Harp and commented to her that this meeting is an example of what Chiapas dreams about in this matter.

Finally, Gómez Aranda emphasized that these meetings are dedicated to hearing proposals, ideas and reflections for the future of Mexico and the future of Chiapas, and thanked those who submitted their proposals for contributing their ideas that will serve the National Plan and the State Plan.

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