In the introduction 1B, Cruise led the Rays to victory

Nelson Cruise was released from the Philadelphia-Covit-19 list, playing for the first time in his career and winning the Tampa Bay Race 3-1 on Tuesday night. Philadelphia Phyllis.

Cruise, 41, the hitter assigned to Tampa Bay, has never played first base even in small leagues. However, he controlled all the balls that came to him very well.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun,” he said.

The Dominican defense has not played since moving to the left fielder with Seattle in 2018.

In the first inning, with two men, DD Gregorius hit a ground ball that Dominican shortstop caught on the lawn behind Vander Franco Infield.

Franco threw towards his teammate Cruz, who quickly caught the ball from the ball and finished the inning.

Cruz was not out of the game beating the Chicago White Sox Rays on Sunday, and he was on the Covit-19 list. However, he was active before the engagement on Tuesday.

Manager Kevin Cash put him on the first floor to keep him in a National League park, where there was no designated hitter.

In the first inning, Cruz pulled alone before hitting Archie Bradley (7-2) in the eighth, as well as the sixth. Brett Phillips and Cuba’s Randy Arosarena scored, but Venezuela’s Odubel Herrera was unable to catch the ball on the left field.

That’s where Cruz’s work ended. Cuban Andy Thias was first down in the eighth inning to replace him.

“He was very comfortable there,” Cash said.

For the Rays, the Cubans beat Arosarena 3-1, Diaz 4-1. Dominicans Cruz 4-3 with two RBIs, Franco 4-1, Manuel Marcot 3-0.

For the Phillies, Venezuela’s Odubel Herrera 4-0, Ronald Torres 3-0, Ranger Suarez 1-0. Dominican Jean Segura 4-0.

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