Qualities of a Great SEO Company – Debunked

Marketing using SEO techniques is becoming extremely popular in today’s world. Businesses understand the advantages of utilising SEO tactics to boost their growth and revenue. In light of this, more SEO service providers or companies have started emerging like any SEO company in Perth.

What is an SEO Company?

An SEO company usually helps businesses looking to improve their online presence on websites or web pages. The goal of any business is to be ranked higher on a search engine results page as that will lead to more traffic and potential customers for the business. 

Improving the ranking of a site or page is done using SEO practices, but there exist experts in the field who specialise in SEO techniques. They usually offer their services to upcoming businesses looking to improve their ranking and are known as SEO companies. 

Qualitative of SEO Company Perth

Like any other product or service in the market, many people provide fraudulent services under the guise of an SEO company. Thus, it becomes more important to weed out the bad from the group and ensure that the SEO agency you are referring to is a quail tube and a genuine one. 

This article will help highlight the qualities of a great SEO company and debunk the misconceptions associated with it. 

  • Customer reviews

It is easy to identify a good SEO company in Perth by doing a little bit of background research. If the company has been in the market for a long time, it is more likely to be trustworthy

Checking the testimonies and reviews of previous clients is also important to ascertain whether a company delivers on its promises and does quality work. 

  • Black hat tactics

It is extremely important to evaluate if a company used white hat or black hat services to improve its ranking. Black hat practices are unethical and, if caught by search engines, can lead to many subsequent issues. Therefore, companies that offer such services should be steered clear of. 

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  • Realistic promises

A great SEO agency is aware that they cannot promise any business first page results because that is in the hands of a search engine like Google. However, companies can offer realistic methods to optimise your content and improve ranking over a long period. Companies that offer immediate results should be considered red flags because the SEO process is a time consuming and long one.

  • Genuine SEO

Although paid strategies like PPC techniques can help boost a business’s exposure when considering SEO services, a definite line should be drawn stating that it is unpaid. Research has indicated that 70-80% of visitors click on organic search results rather than paid search results. 

Paid advertisements can help generate short term business; however, unpaid and authentic SEO practices will lead to long term success. Hence one should make sure what the company is offering.

  • Transparency in pricing

When you are dealing with any service provider, be it SEO, digital marketing and tech support; always ensure that you are clear in terms of pricing and payment cycle. Before hiring the service of any service provider ensure that there are no hidden charges. A professional SEO company will ensure that the pricing module is clear and there is no discrepancy in it. Always hire SEO service providers who offer a transparent pricing scheme. 


Differentiating between great SEO companies and fraudulent or deceptive ones can be a game-changer for a business’s future. A business pays to hire the services of a professional company, and hence the quality of their services becomes paramount. One should not settle for anything less than a great SEO company in Perth.


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