“I’m not going to look for my award, I know some people in Pinar do not like me” – Swing Completeo

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Jazz

This Wednesday, December 15, Cuban sports officials released the list The best athletes of 2021 on the island, Taking into account the various types that currently exist.

The most important award for individual sport in the men’s category went to the showcases of the historic Greco-Roman wrestler from Pinar del Rio. Mizine Lopez, Backed by his fourth Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Event last August.

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With very few competitors in the expert vote, almost 100% of Cuban sports fans agree that Mijan deserves such an important award because Vueltabajero’s results reach worldwide and make him one of the best Olympic athletes in history. .

To everyone’s surprise, however, Mizan was not recognized as the best athlete of 2021 in his province of Pinar del Rio, which was awarded to boxer Ronald Iglesias, who did not attempt to relinquish the Olympic title won by the fighter. , There are no explanations or boundaries for “corruption” qualification in the Cuban sports movement, especially in the lower regions.

Is there a logical explanation for why Mizen Lopez was not selected as “The Idol of Herratura” 2021 Best Athlete at Pinar del Rio? Despite public claims, so far, sports officials in the province have not provided any response.

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Mijan, who spoke by telephone with journalist Ernesto Amaya Esquel, expressed all his feelings on the matter and sent painfully harsh words to the authorities in the area where he was born. His city, as a Note released Amaya Esquivel on the Tele Pinar website.

“In Cuba, in the United States, they selected me as the best athlete at the Olympics. How could my province not recognize me?” Mijan told the media. “I have no disagreement because no one is listening, but I hope the authorities and you (the press) put every people in their place,” he added.

The Greco-Roman style fighter of the highest class was awarded the prize for the event of the year in the province, but his name did not appear to be the best in the personal games and place of honor of his land. Many say, according to Amaya Esquale.

“I’m not going to go to the Pinar del Rio to collect awards. I revealed it to the head of Inter today because I already know that some people in Pinar del Rio do not like me. You respond to what you have to do, today you are the boss, tomorrow you are nobody, Mijan Lopez will be there every day, ”Mijay said with obvious signs of pain.

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Commenting on Pinar del Rio’s other athletes who voted to be voted the best in the province in 2021, the militant revealed:

“I wish they would give it to Ronnie or Lazarido because I believe everyone who went to the Olympics with this epidemic did a feat, but I can not disappoint the respectable athlete. Ronnie did something like that, it was a barbarian and my brother.

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However, Mizan reiterated his frustration over the final decision and misunderstanding he shares with the millions of Cubans who love the game on the island.

“I have nothing against what they are doing now, but I’m wondering how you’re going to be the best athlete in the Olympics, America and all. Your province does not recognize you,” he questioned.

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Finally, Mijaín López sent a few words to his people from Pinar del Rio, at the end of his phone conversation with journalist Amaya Esquel.

“Thank you to everyone who loves me and those who do not love me, the family of Pinar del Rio who saw me growing up, and everyone who knew that I belong to Pinar del Rio. Full Because I never denied my province, my people. I wish you many Happy New Year and Prosperity

“Continue to support the athletes because we all do it with love and for the province. How rich it is to have territory arguing that the two Olympic champions should be the best

“I’m today (performance) and tomorrow (retirement) because I’m always been better and worse, and no matter what role I play, everyone knows the work I do. I have to,” he concluded.

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