Haiti denies that detained embassy staff were involved in the abduction and forged documents

Santo Domingo, RD.

Following the arrest of the Haitian embassy in the Dominican Republic, information was leaked to the Dominican press and social media on Thursday and Friday that two staff members of the Haitian embassy in Dajabón were involved in the abduction and preparation. Identity documents.

“The mission seeks to clarify to all interested that a misunderstanding between the Haitian and Dominican authorities is being clarified.

The Embassy of Haiti confirms that the detainees were two official embassy staff who had been performing their usual duties as community agents within the framework of the documentation process carried out by the embassy in the Dominican Republic. Although the embassy staff identified themselves with their embassy cards, they were arrested, the credibility of which was later confirmed by the embassy official in charge of the embassy, ​​Franசois Courier, “the embassy said in a statement.

The embassy pointed out that Williamson Jean and Jackson Lorraine were unjustly detained. “They were on their way to the Jetta farm in Guayaquil, where hundreds of Haitians were working to issue 11 passports and obtain IDs from Haiti, as part of a pre-arranged operation with several farm owners who had been waiting for them,” the report said.

Mr. The law states in its statement that Lorraine, a respected community leader who has long collaborated with the embassy, ​​leads the base of the Migrant Workers’ Solidarity Union on the Northeast Line (ASOMILIN), one of the country’s most important countries. .

“The mission confirms that the confiscated passports are genuine and were printed during the printing process at the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC. The two intercepted machines are two personal data capture tools for producing Haitian personal identity cards. The machines are the property of the Haitian state, especially the National Identity Office (ONI), ”the document said.

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Haitian officials said that since February 2021, the Haitian Embassy in Tajaphone, along with the Embassy and other Haitian embassies in the country, have been documenting and supporting documentary activities for Haitian immigrants, known and supported by top Dominican officials. “The consulate in the northern border areas, especially in Dajabón, often travels to carry out these documentation activities in communities to facilitate data capture,” they say.

The embassy expressed regret over the incident, which led to the arrest of two embassy agents, who said it was not the first time this had happened in the border area. “On two occasions, the same embassy courier, the head of the same embassy, ​​was attacked during a military raid while traveling to carry out similar operations,” they note.

“The mission is taking the opportunity to seek more and effective cooperation from Dominican authorities in the area to carry out documentation activities for Haitian immigrants working on farms,” ​​the embassy said.

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