IDU has issued 158 permits for activities in public space

According to the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, until September 30, the IDU’s Infrastructure Administration Technical Directorate had delivered 91 permits for the development of economic activities on platforms and public spaces in Bogotá, including those corresponding to District programs such as ‘Bogotá a Cielo Abierto’, ‘Mercados Campesinos’ and some craft fairs.

These licenses seek to favor “the reactivation of the economy in the city, the circulation of money, and the support of small and medium merchants who find in these activities a way out of the financial crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic ”, as specified by the Mayor’s Office.

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Also, thanks to these permissions it is that restaurants, fairs and markets have been able to resume their work regularly, Giving Bogota citizens the opportunity to enjoy open spaces to develop their activities with all biosafety measures.

In figures, ‘Peasant Markets’ has been favored with 55 permits that include 506 producers, the craft fairs have received 8 licenses and the category corresponding to public calamity, currently has 4 authorizations to dispose of the city’s public space.

“At IDU we are definitely committed to the economic reactivation of the city. We do it on a large scale, through the employment generated by large infrastructure works, and through turns and selective processes that allow the participation of large and medium-sized companies, ”said Diego Sánchez Fonseca, director of the IDU.

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On the other hand, the institute also grants permits for construction camps, temporary occupations and advertising activities. These require an economic retribution to the District established as a regulation for the use of public space.

The request for these special permits can be made through the IDU page (, without any intermediary.

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