“I like the way you kiss me”

The networks exploded again due to the most recent release Samadhi Zendejas. The actress shared some stunning pictures of her stunning looks.

Amidst the controversy associated with her William LevyShe broke her silence to clarify a few things, ignoring what might be said about her person and opting for normality.

So much so, that he did not even restrict the comments he made recordsAlthough, in some cases, very strong and offensive.

His most recent performance on Instagram is one of the hottest videos of him falling in love on one hand and stirring the waters on the other.

Along with a song in the clip, its lyrics also raise the temperature: “I love how you kiss me, I can feel you missing me.”

Among the comments received is his legion of fans, who are always at the bottom of the valley and are fully supporting him this time. On the other hand, those who point to her as the third person in the controversy regarding what happened to the actor and his ex-partner, Elizabeth Gutierrezofficially separated.

“You fell off my pedestal”, “Insistent, stubborn, opposite”, “Queen”, “Nobody can be happy because of other people's unhappiness” were only a few. Unpleasant responses, in some cases, Samadhi behaved indifferently.

His family, his career and his dreams are above all: “Don't be afraid to fail, keep trying,” he added in another release.

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