They ask Concytec to take action to continuously promote science and technology in intercultural universities

The Chairman of the Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, Carlos Zeballos Madariaga (PP), this morning urged the President of Conytec to develop a strategy for continued work in science and technology in the country's multicultural universities.

This came at the sixteenth regular session of the working group, where authorities from study houses in the east of the country such as the Fabiola Salazar National University of Leguya were presented; The National Intercultural University of the Amazon and the National Intercultural University of Juan Santos Atahualpa of the Central Jungle to showcase their progress in the field of science and technology.

The university authorities stated that its main problems lie in two aspects: infrastructure and budget. “There is no laboratory that meets the expectations of competitiveness in the country,” said a representative of the National Intercultural University of Amazonas.

They also pointed out that the budget allocated to finance theses is not sufficient; For this reason, they requested the establishment of the National Association of Intercultural Universities for further development.

In this sense, Congressman Zeballos Madariaga consulted the top authority of Concytec, which was present at the session, about the measures they proposed to provide more support to multicultural universities.

Finally, he added that the committee will send letters to the Ministry of Economy and Finance requesting information about the distribution of mining law in multicultural universities.

“If we have to legislate, we will start working on proposing a law to strengthen our multicultural universities,” Zeballos Madariaga said.


By a majority of 4 votes in favor and 6 votes against, the Committee did not agree with the prediction contained in Bill No. 5998/2023-CR, the law establishing the system of administrative virtualization, introduced by Congresswoman Caté Ugarte Mamani (NoA) to define its archive.

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For Parliamentarian Silvia Monteza Facho (NoA), it must first be evaluated whether the nature of the service provided meets the conditions of the procedure to be carried out virtually.

Lawmaker Juan Carlos Lizarzaburro (FP) expressed the same opinion, noting that the initiative did not receive the opinion of the Secretariat of Government and Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.


As the first item on the agenda, Congressman Wilson Soto Palacios (AP) supported Bill No. 7264/2023-CR, a law that encourages the research, production and marketing of biopharmaceuticals.

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