Cynthia Rodriguez teaches style with a tight skirt | Photos

One of my favorite drivers in the morning Cynthia RodriguezShe is not only beautiful face and body, but also immense talent, one above all Style To dress with the giver ChairRecently proven by one Tight skirt With that he sighed.

At 37, Kohuila’s Monclova stands out among Mexican television presenters for her curved figure and her modern style., Therefore adding more followers to digital sites every day; Only inside Instagram He has 3.7 million followers.

Cynthia Rodriguez imposes with her beauty

It was for the broadcast of “Venga la Allegriya”, which he has been the owner of for many years. Cynthia On television and social networks he wore a Firty dress in satin, to which he joined Tight skirt With navel type blouse.

Cynthia shines in the Firty look. Photo: IG @cynoficial

In the pictures you shared Rodriguez On his official Instagram account, you can see what he was wearing Look With modernity and youth she highlighted her curved figure as she showed outfits that perfectly matched her portrait and achieved a perfect color combination, as the dress features the popular pink in classic white.

“When I See You”, the composer and singer received hundreds of compliments along with two snapshots, in which her partner and friend Crystal Silva wrote: “Very beautiful”, and her boyfriend, singer Carlos Rivera; Additionally generates over 83 thousand “Likes”.

The actress and entrepreneur is very active on her social networks and often shares with her millions of followers Photos And the videos that show her her best looks, she knows how to use her beauty and best body because Cynthia is undoubtedly one of the most enviable people in the media.

Driving boasts an excellent body. Photo: IG @cynoficial

Rodriguez He was one of the participants in the reality show “La Academy” where he was singled out for his singing talent because when he came out he was invited by TV producers to be a part of various programs such as soap operas. Press conferences, positioning themselves in the public taste.

As for his personal life, Cynthia He has decided to keep a low profile and despite being criticized for not photographing with his partner Carlos Rivera, the actress is adamant in her decision not to divulge details of their relationship that lasted for many years.

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