The Crown's ironclad strategy to protect Kate Middleton's position

Kate Middleton's (42-year-old) hospitalization as a result of which she had to undergo an operation came to light. Abdominal surgeryOne thing was very clear. Princess of Wales I intended to handle this difficult situation in the strictest privacy. In the statement they issued to report the situation from Buckingham Palace, they have already warned that this is an issue the affected person wants to handle with discretion. But inevitably, opinions They didn't stop.

From the moment it was known that he had agreed, Kate Middleton Health Rumors They have continued. Much talked about is what led to his surgery, the alleged post-operative complications or the secrecy with which the family managed the condition. But far from standing in their way, The Duchess of Cambridge managed to remain shielded In two different aspects but she can live this moment the way she wants.

The British royal family is joined by Kate Middleton

On the one hand, we need to talk How the Windsors Have Closed Teams In this sense. There are no family members who have issued statements regarding the recent days Kate Middleton's health. Quite the opposite. Everyone has continued to play their roles, even those who appeared in public did not want to reveal details about the health of Prince William's wife.

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