“I got over a thousand notes from my mother”: Carlos Villacron “Kigo” was honest about his infamous time in politics

Bon Carlos took the illusion from Villacron; “Kiko” overcame candidates in Guerrero (Photo: Facebook CarlosvilleCrangeographic)

Actor Carlos Villacrn was honest about the reasons for quitting his political career after soliciting a candidacy for governor of Guerrero. He said he received violent treatment from his followers when he announced his aspirations.

In an interview The sun is coming out Cast ‘Kigo ‘ Noting that he had retired, he argued that he had left the world of politics and entertainment altogether. However, he recalled the reaction he received when he tried to run for governor of that state.

“When I registered as governor of Guerrero, I registered, I was not even officially there, and the next day I received over a thousand notes from the mother and son, and then, I was not accustomed to that kind of testimony.Well, I said, I issued a very brief statement and I told them: ‘Please, I explain to them that they are joining and that the person they want to help them, and that we will be one, please be happy’ ‘described the personality of the TV.

That Negative attitudes had a strong impact on the actor, who, according to him, was accustomed to receiving good treatment from the public for the character he played. Next to the Sao del 8 and the Cylindrina.

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“For 50 years I played the role of ‘Kiko’, in those 50 years’ I can die tomorrow ‘,’ Please never die ‘,’ Touch the sky with my hands’, ‘You did my deed’ Childhood ‘. Many beautiful things that have touched the heart for 50 years and many of them make you cry”.

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It was only in early February this year that Carlos announced that he would not run as an independent candidate for the 2021 governorship of Guerrero.

Then, local newspaper sources Quadrado of Quadrat They promised Carlos Villacron He made this decision after forging a consensus between different views on his political candidacy.

Carlos Villacron;
Carlos Villacron; “Kigo” beat candidates in Guerrero (Photo: Screenshot Guerrero Independent)

“This decision was made after seeing the positive and negative comments about my application, which allows me to understand that this is not my path. As a citizen I will be committed to putting my sand grain in the community I do better, It brings joy to the hearts of many people”, He assured the media.

He then called on the Mexican community to take a more active part in the country’s political life The joint effort of the citizens helps to create a better Mexico.

The withdrawal of Carlos Villacron from the candidacy appeared to be the result of the party Quartero Independent (QI), With whom the acclaimed actor is going to get his candidacy, decided to make friends National Action Party (PAN) In the race for governor, Carlos Villagra was fired from his corporate site.

    Carlos' son Gustavo Villacron is still a local council candidate.  Photo: Instagram / @ carlos_kiko1
Carlos’ son Gustavo Villacron is still a local council candidate. Photo: Instagram / @ carlos_kiko1

In this way, QI, along with PAN, supported the candidacy Mauricio Curi for governor and Louis Nava for mayor.

However, the party still has ties to the Villacron family, although Quartaro, who simulates “Kiko”, is not an Independent candidate. Carlos’ son Gustavo Villacron is still a local council candidate.

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This is not the first time Carlos Villacron has shown interest in occupying a representative position. In 2015 he had attitudes Community Meeting Party (PES) Fight for your state candidacy.

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