Will Alessandra Rosaldo accept the revenge of the “exostic doctrine” for five?

That sounds right, the singer Alessandra Rosaldo It may take five “EsposTikTokHer husband Eugenio Derpes decided to adopt five children and recently released all the details to the contestants.

The actress is also seriously considering adopting five “husbands” in Diktok as a “revenge move” for not asking her husband about adopting her children on the popular social network.

After adopting five children Eugenio Terbus Wanting to adopt Dictok, Alessandra Rosaldo promised that the comedian had not consulted her so she could do so, however, they would be “husbands” instead of children.

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Just yesterday Eugenio Derbas’ wife Dictog shared a video on social media in which she reflects on her husband’s decision in mid-February. Adopt five children, As announced on the aforementioned social network.

If Eugenio adopts five children without consulting me, I can adopt all five ‘esophostic’. Why not? The one who washes the dishes, the one who eats, the one who cares, and the one who brings my breakfast to bed, ”says Alessandra.

As expected, the reaction of the former member of the Sentidos Obuvestos caused great controversy among his supporters, who often supported him and many volunteers appeared, raising their hands to become the new “Espositic”.

You already have someone who supports you, and I can make you happy, ”wrote one of the followers, which made the singer laugh a lot.

However, in a statement to the media when Eugenio announced his decision, he promised that he and his wife would agree, so of course one of the two would lie or his followers would always laugh.

After much thought and talk with my wife Alessandra, we finally decided to take action, and since I know this news will be coming out everywhere, I would love to be the one to provide you with the details of this adoption, so we will let you know in the next few hours, ”Derbes explained in a video.

In another release the comedian explained that choosing his foster children would not take into account their gender, race, religion or the number of followers of them, but would consider their talent as he wanted to make videos with them.

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It is necessary to mention that The Derbus family They are recognized for their union and, no doubt, for the incredible comedy footage they give on social networks, however, this time the adoption seems to have caused a “conflict”.

Faced with the news, his children Aislyn, Jose Eduardo and Vader did not sit idly by and sent their “complaints” to their father about this new decision he had made for the whole family, without the consent of all.

A video was shared via Eugenio’s official Instagram account, in which, before anything else, his children made it clear that he needed to adopt them first.

Before adopting another person, it is very important that you adopt us first. “

Faced with his father’s refusal, Jose Eduardo Derpes proposes to his mother Victoria Raffo for help, who is said to have usurped his father’s parental authority.

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What they are looking for is that they want to “stop” being the children of the comedian so that they can then adopt them again so that the trio can express their “jealousy” and make it clear in the video on the social network.

Considering the safety of her children, Eugenio left the scene laughing and wanted to do better than they thought.

As expected, the registrants surpassed one million by sending its comments, some of whom expressed their affection and love for the family, while others had the opportunity to attract Eugenio Derbe’s attention and accept them.

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