The family of singer Amia Montero has released details about her condition a month after her disturbing photos

Although Amia Montero is focused on the production and release of her next album, her fans are worried and waiting for new news about her health.

Let’s remember that almost a month ago, the singer started the alarm after posting a black and white photo in which she looked debilitated, with a sad face, completely disfigured and covered only in what appeared to be a piece of cloth.

As if that wasn’t enough, speculation grew that something was amiss after her sister Itoya Montero not only confirmed that the former singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh was having a bad time, but also assured her that she did not know her whereabouts. .

Since then, his followers have not stopped asking about him and his health, as he has been completely off social media. Now, it is the family of Spain that has decided to talk about it, and for the peace of many, Amia revealed a well-cared for and safe environment with her mother and sister: “She is fine, she is fine,” they said in reports cited by the newspaper El Espa├▒ol.

They assured that the translator of “I want to be” wants to start his artistic career soon and that he has taken a break from social networks because of his own faith.

What worries him is that his mother, Pilar Saldias, is worried about his health and is as far away as possible from anything that could be talked about.

Regarding the postponement of the release of her latest album, people close to her assured her that what she wants most is to be heard by the public again, and she is fully focused and working to do this soon. , although they didn’t give more details.

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