“I didn’t get rich, I have money”: George Hong Ron

Heir to a family name closely associated with the history of national politics, George Hong Ron He is willing to serve an employer or 3.7 million: the population of Baja California.

In an interview Millennium, The PES candidate for governor The company says proverbs, slanders and myths about him already make him laugh: “They already know very little about me.”

His father was a professor three decades ago Carlos Hong Gonzalez, Gave him the choice between being a businessman or a politician. At the time, he decided to launch the Calient project, which is currently the world’s number one bookmaker: he reveals that “I already have my money” and denies those who point out that he only expects a rich position.

Little by little, however, he got into politics; He was mayor of Tijuana between 2004 and 2007 Although he manages to increase social projects, attract U.S. investment and create thousands of jobs and the PRI does not allow him to be its flag bearer for a second time – because of the agreements with the WA war Mexico Alliance – he promises “Honkismo” This is very strong in Baja California, which has already added supporters not only from the PRI but also from other parties.

Why take the PES candidacy, the son of a PRI person who is the party’s main promoter in Baja California?

I am still PRIista, But unfortunately the party had to align itself with others, a riot broke out with the candidates and the representative was determined to be a woman.

We have reached a good agreement with PES, we are looking for people who want to serve, do not use positions, there is very good progress. Now the government is coming forward a lot Julian Leisola, Likes Tijuana. UnexpectedlyThey do not want to give him some of the documents he needs, arguing that he must be physically able to obtain them, which is not subject to the law.

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I love my party so much, I never denied it, but realistically, there is only going to be one candidate for governor, and that is Hong Ron.

Before he leaned towards the ESP, there were signs that he was the stable bearer of the alliance. Is “Hankism” bigger than PRIism in Baja California?

I say goodbye, but they say I can’t argue when I agree. Many PRIs and other parties have joined this program and are already working with your server.

Does PES allow you to control campaigns to avoid betrayals?

Apparently you are referring to the 2007 election. The truth is, I was responsible, I was wrong. I have not adequately monitored the people who theoretically help us, but that is not going to happen now. We are dedicating 12 to 14 hours to the project and we will be very attentive.

What did you learn from that first Cubernatorial election to apply now?

They say it’s always good that you can’t represent so much, but it’s like not being ordered to be supervised.

Why leave the comforts of corporate life and enter the wolf gate of political life?

When I got here (Tijuana), my father asked me if I wanted to be a politician or a businessman, and I told him: “I have two examples, you and my brother; You don’t have much time to be at home with us, while my brother has time for everything ”.

One day a reporter put a microphone on me, to which I was still young, and asked me: “Hey, why are you doing this?” At that time, as usual, life was always very good for me, and the 60,000 children who were there laughed and I said: “Well, that’s why. If I come home and see my son smiling, you don’t know how he fills my battery, but if I can laugh 60,000 here at once, it gives me the battery to do it for the rest of my life.

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After that, I went to hand over the accounts to my father and told him: “I think I want to get into politics because you never know how big it is to help people, no matter how hard I work as a businessman, I will never have the opportunity you have through a public office”. The money they give you should be used by people, in the city, they even pay you to do beautiful things. That’s why we decided to change and get into it.

Didn’t everything that was said about you bother you?

You take advantage of it, and the results here justify the ways. They do it with attacks, not with plans, not in any way, I’m used to everything that is said about me, I think some things are not.

How was your government experience in Tijuana?

I invited people who really knew about works, education, medicine, security. I asked them for plans to solve the problems that existed. We talk about finding people’s problems, finding out what’s going on in the city and solving them one by one.

The secretary, who unfortunately could not handle the package, said to him, with all his anguish: “If you can not, let me know. If I do your work, I do not do mine. ”

I was so proud that I never had an employer, and when I took over as mayor of Tijuana, I liked 2 million.

When I came to the municipality, I saw government employees treating you with the tip of their boots and legs, and I talked to them and told them: “You have a job, and if you don’t like it, find another. They pay you, if you do not like your product, you find another job, but if they continue to work here, they welcome people with a smile ”.

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Governor to become rich?

Fortunately, my business is in almost all of Mexico and South America. If I die today or tomorrow, I have no problem with my business supporting my 23 children, my 26 grandchildren and someone who is already in the oven; Then no, thankfully I don’t need the money.

Of what he did in Tijuana, what should reflect across the state?

Baja Californiaers pay the salaries of government employees and as a result, they are all your bosses and your bosses. We are going to donate the salary to DIF, of course, we are going to have an open day, not necessarily in the palace, because now there are five municipalities, it will soon be six or seven; We look forward to a day when everyone will be in touch with the people and make continuous tours.

Managing is managing, organizing and commanding, you take the budget, you manage it, you distribute what needs to be, you manage, you organize, tell your secretaries, directors, what you need to do and send.

You already have all the time with you, to be able to communicate with all people precisely and oversee if something is really changing, as they say, as if an unsupervised order had not been given, as a result until you see it physically.

Are you more than three million ready as your bosses?

No one else. Before entering the municipality, I thought I was never an employer or employer, and when I woke up in the municipality I had millions of employers and bosses.

What company do you want to leave?

I would like to return this with all Baja Californiais, leave last places and leave first in the country, with effort and hard work, I think we can be together. _

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