They arrested the suspect responsible for the explosion at a coffee shop in St. Petersburg

(CNN) — The Russian intelligence agency arrested Daria Trebova “on suspicion of involvement in the explosion of a coffee shop in St. Petersburg.”

Daria Trebova, wanted in connection with the St. Petersburg restaurant explosion that killed Russian military blogger Vladlon Tatarsky, was arrested for participating in a rally on February 24, 2022, the day the invasion began. State media TASS.

“Trebova took part in an unauthorized rally and was placed under administrative arrest on the day the special military operation began in Ukraine,” the article says.

Court records confirm that Trebova was arrested on March 9, 2022, and sentenced to 10 days in prison on March 9, 2022, for “sustained participation of citizens in public places and (or) simultaneous mass movement in public places, as a result of violation of public order.”

According to the TASS article, law enforcement agents raided Trebova’s home in St. Petersburg this Sunday local night, where her sister and mother were also questioned.

Trebova’s husband, Dmitri Rylov, was a member of the Russian Independence Party; However, Trebova is not associated with the party.

“Daria Trebova has never been a member of our political party and we have no information that she ever supported the Freedom Party,” the party said in a statement on Telegram.

According to the party, Rylov lives abroad and says he has no involvement in the incident. “He was unaware of the alleged contact,” the statement read.

Trebova was born in February 1997 and lives in St. Petersburg.

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