Klay Thompson’s error on the winning shot in a painful loss for the Warriors


The Golden State Warriors came away with a game-winning shot by Klay Thompson against the Denver Nuggets, but a mistake resulted in a painful loss in the NBA. Stephen Curry left him alone!

© Dustin Bradford/Getty ImagesGolden State Warriors vs. Klay Thompson. Denver Nuggets

The time has come for the fans to suffer Golden State Warriors. For a moment, the illusion that they depend on them alone for direct categorization Playoffs of NBA 2023But unexpected error is given Clay Thompson Dubs lost the game-winning shot Denver Nuggets. ohStephen Curry Left him alone!

The Warriors lost to the Nuggets by 110 to 112 points on April 2, 2023, and with three games remaining in the 2022-23 season, they must win them all if they want to qualify for the playoffs outright and avoid a play-in game. Games and faith New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers At least one of the remaining four games must be lost. This could be avoided if Thompson hit the winning shot against Denver.

The NBA sometimes gives you and other times it takes away. It was the same Clay Thompson A corner three-pointer that looked almost impossible for him Golden State Warriors Denver trailed the Nuggets by two points with 20.7 seconds left in the game. The unexpected was about to happen and the Dubs got the ball back and had the last possession of the game. The ball went into the hands Stephen Curry And…

“We must realize that, If we’re going to win or make it to the playoffs, A game like tonight (April 2) doesn’t happen.” Curry’s self-criticism after Thompson missed the game-winning shot in the Warriors-Nuggets game.

Thompson’s error on the winning shot in a painful loss for the Warriors

Stephen Curry He ran the ball and made a pass when the Denver Nuggets got a double take Clay Thompson. It left him unmarked. Star Golden State Warriors He was left alone and attempted a triple with 5.9 seconds left, the winning shot as the score was 110 to 112 against the Dubs, but one of the greatest shooters in history missed his shot. Thompson grabbed the rebound with 2.5 seconds left and Curry raised his hands alone to pass the ball. What did the clay do? He tried the three-point shot again, but Jamal Murray He blocked the shot and committed a huge foul in San Francisco’s loss.

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