I accidentally switched my Apple cell phone to Samsung and I'm happy

A problem with my iPhone 14 Pro Max forced me to resort to Samsung…and not holding back. (Photo: Zhang Peng/Lightrocket via Getty Images) (Zhang Peng via Getty Images)

A dust. A bad dust has made a huge difference as far as my “tech life” is concerned. It started with some selfies of my brand new self iPhone 14 Pro Max The ones I bought at the bakemarket (one and not more, but that's another story). At first, everything was going well, and I heard that comment during a family meal, that little drop of water that won't put you to sleep later: “The photo came out a little clear, didn't it?” True, the photo looked like it was taken in the middle of the Sahara with the sun behind it. Initially, I ignored it, but after two or three blurry photos, I started activating the “selfie alert”. I never thought that selfie was so important in my life.

There is no problem. I got over the displeasure of feeling cheated (didn't anyone check that the cameras worked well before shipping? The mobile phone was under-refurbished-warranty and didn't waste time opening a ticket. Everything is ready in the backmarket system. Returns (yikes) I ask for mine, putting me in a bad situation: A day or two without an iPhone, maybe a replacement… It's nothing: the ticket to be printed on the courier says my veiled cell phone. I'll have to travel back to Italy and wait weeks for it to arrive… a colony.

But don't panic. A huge tech addict, he owned the Galaxy Fold 5 for two years, a technological marvel that he used as an iPad replacement (in fact, I loved it so much I ditched the iPad). . The old and faithful fold, overnight, had a new responsibility: to act as a mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not as an “iPod” accessory. A radical transition from one platform to another helped me learn the first rule: don't deposit all your assets on a proprietary platform just in case. What am I saying? I migrated to iCloud a long time ago for contacts, reminders, and calendar.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G phone is presented at the Samsung Hall at the IFA consumer technology show on September 6, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  REUTERS/Hannibal HanschkeThe Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G phone is presented at the Samsung Hall at the IFA consumer technology show on September 6, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

Galaxy Fold shown at IFA – REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke (REUTERS/Reuters)

Suddenly, fortunately, I found myself losing most of the contacts I had to migrate from MacBook to Google; The situation in the agenda was bad: I saw that the week was empty, thankfully, I was able to retrieve the appointments from the laptop. As for Apple Music, I've been using YouTube Music for quite some time—the best streaming music platform, in my opinion—so no problems there. Apple Pay was replaced by Google Wallet in a flash, and soon Fold and I both started to feel comfortable with each other. The terminal, when folded, offers a very logical one-handed grip: the elongated shape is perfect for taking photos, taking calls, and typing with one hand thanks to the Gboard sliding keyboard.

In two days I started to use the full potential of a 'transformer' mobile phone: with one gesture it turns into a tablet, perfect for reading, watching videos or reading documents (because of my job, I do that. A lot). The powerful Snapdragon 8 chip kept everything moving at astonishing speeds, and I found it not to be. Android I know that. In terms of hardware, it was clear to me that the Galaxy Fold 5 is superior to the iPhone, but only because of the advantages that a foldable mobile phone offers, but Android (yes, this is written by an iPhone user from 3G), solid, stable and with many options.

There is always a debate about which is better, Apple or Android.  (Photo: Paolo Gonsar/Sofa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images)There is always a debate about which is better, Apple or Android.  (Photo: Paolo Gonsar/Sofa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images)

There is always a debate about which is better, Apple or Android. (Photo: Paolo Gonsar/Sofa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images) (SOPA images via Getty Images)

In no time I had a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with its mouse, a small folding platform and I already had an office, more mobile than the MacBook offered me. The folding screen is large enough to write documents or manage Excel sheets, while the S Pen, on the other hand, inspires workflow possibilities (send screenshots with notes, underline texts, fill out PDFs…). But what's more, everything works the first time on Android, that is, you don't have to expect compatibility problems with anything: keyboard, mouse, wireless charging partition…

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As the weeks went by, I realized that I had fallen victim to Apple's 'trap': believing that their system was the best and that there was no life outside of it.

Understand me better: Manjana It's great and its products are classy, ​​but, in my opinion, it's losing steam in its releases. All iPhones looked the same to me, and when mine broke and my first intention was to buy an iPhone 15, even an employee of the company's reseller encouraged me: “Buy the 14, overall it's equal to fifteen. “. That's true: is it worth paying more to have the latest model in Titanium and a dedicated button? Well, the camera is great, the processor is great, but I've already heard that incremental improvements should be avoided.

My mind is made up: I've been using the Galaxy Fold 5 as my go-to device, and not a day goes by when it doesn't surprise me. Instead of losing the iPhone's 'cool' factor, I discovered that many people looked at the fold with curiosity: “Is it a tablet?”, “What's that?”

I displeased the people around me—who had me all along with Apple—and began to discover that my daily life was so much better by having a device that saved me so much time on menial tasks.

A foldable side panel lets you launch any app while working on another. A funny example: if you are going to access a service, you need a password (in my case, I use 1 password) and the browser does not activate the manager, on the iPhone you need to start 1 password, search for the password, copy it and return to the application. Folding saves you a step: without leaving the application, you open the manager, copy and return to the screen; If you start rushing me out, you'll split the screen in two and drag the password from one place to another.

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In short, the lesson I learned is that we shouldn't close our minds to a service that doesn't have cross-functionality, i.e. it works interchangeably on iOS and Android, and we shouldn't close our minds to what we're using. Excellent.

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