Chivas make Fernando Hierro's departure official

The Spanish manager decided to take up the offer from Al Nasser, the club where Cristiano Ronaldo plays.

Sivas The Spaniard's departure was made official this morning Fernando Hierrowho leaves sports management Al Nasser of Saudi Pro LeagueAs soon as possible after receiving new plans from the club.

Fernando Hierro has accepted the challenge of Al Nasr, one of the best players in the world, El Rebano reported. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Guadalajara Sports Club reports Fernando Hierro “He has spoken to the company's board of directors to convey his decision to pursue another professional opportunity outside the country, which is why he is today ceasing to offer his services as sports director.”

The decision of the Spanish manager was communicated to the President Chivas, Amuri VergaraTaking his vacation in the Riviera Maya yesterday, he thought about the project Al Nasser.

Fernando Hierro had an agreement with Sivas At least one and a half years attached him, however, after a series of offers from the Saudi Arabian team, the Spanish manager decided to leave the team. MX League.

The Spanish manager was in charge for a year and a half SivasThe period in which he reached the final in the era Veljko Baunovicas well as the final event of the Clausura 2024 with Coach Fernando Cago.

Within his administration, strong decisions were taken such as the dismissal of undisciplined players. Alexis Vega and Christian Calderon.

Additionally, Fernando Hierro He designed the structure of the Rojiblanco club, who would continue to participate in leagues with his vision of selecting technicians. Liga MX Even as strategists ignorant of the Mexican context.

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This time, the Argentine coach Fernando Cago Even after leaving he remains in his position Fernando Hierro To Saudi Arabia.

Presidency Sivas Commanded by Amaury Vergara Analyzes who will take the reins of sports management, may take the chair Fran Perez. This element came with the equipment Fernando HierroSpanish nationality.

It should be noted that Fran Perez He achieved two championships as Chivas' Director of Basic Forces.

Fernando Hierro will report to his new club in the coming days.

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