Hugo Torres, Victor Hugo Dino, Suan Barona and Luis Rivas charged with “conspiracy”

The Ministry of Public Works has issued a statement accusing former Funits director Luis Alberto Rivas Andrei of “accusing the former Sandinista guerrillas and directors of the Unamos party, George Hugo Torres Jimenez and Vector Hugo Dino of Fonseka and the leader of this political organization” .

According to the prosecutor’s office, the defendants faced preliminary inquiries and a judge – who did not name or name the court – admitted the charges and ordered the defendants to be remanded in custody. They point out that this charge has been filed under sections 410 and 412 of the Criminal Code to the detriment of the Nicaraguan community and the state of Nicaragua.

The company’s report did not specify whether their defense attorneys assisted the regime’s opponents or whether it was a public defender. They did not tell me that they would hold a preliminary hearing against them, which is illegal, because I was already in person as a lawyer for Victor Hugo Dino and Hugo Torres before the court that ordered their arrest; Now I want to ask the lawyer for information and ask the judge to intervene in their defense and assist them in the initial investigation, “said Manor Curtis, a lawyer for the Center for Human Rights (Zenit) in Nicaraguan.

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Distrust of the justice system

According to the prosecutor, the initial hearing was held without informing the defendants’ relatives and guardians, and without imposing public guards on the defendants, without publicity. In the case of the Unamos leaders, they were arrested on Sunday, June 13 between morning, noon and night. Prior to the arrest, police officers besieged and violently searched their homes. The next day

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“The initial investigation took place without the presence of my father’s lawyer. They did not inform him of anything. We do everything within the framework of the law and we hope that at the next hearing, yes, call a lawyer, but the problem is that not everything in Nicaragua is unpredictable, “said Christian Dino, daughter of Vector Hugo Dino.

Rivas, who is the managing director of Product Bank (Banbro), was summoned for an interview at the attorney’s office for investigations against the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development before he was arrested by police. ), But was later arrested on June 15.

Following the arrest, the police said, “Police are investigating allegations of foreign-funded activities that undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, incite foreign interference in domestic affairs, and seek financial assistance from foreign powers.” Demands, praises and appreciates the imposition of sanctions against the State of Nicaragua and its citizens, and harms the highest interests of the nation.Part 1 of Act No. 1055 of the Protection of the Rights of the People for Freedom, Sovereignty and Peace.

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Other charges

On August 27, Unamos leaders Dora Maria Dulles and Ana Margarita Vigil were indicted by the Attorney General’s Office for “conspiracy to disrupt national unity.”

The day before, he had accused presidential candidates Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Arturo Cruz Sequeira and opponents Jose Bernard Ballais, Jose Adan Aguari, Violetta Granora, Tamara Davila and Manuel Salvador Orosco Ramos.

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On August 24, the prosecutor’s office expanded the indictment against Christiana Zamoro and charged the accused Marcos Fletz, Walter Gomez, Carlos Fernando Zamoro, Pedro Joaquin Zamoro, Emma Marina Lopez, Pedro Vasquez, Ana Elisa Martவாnez and others. Lourdes Aurelica. Defendants were being investigated in a case against the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation.

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