Make calls outside the cellular coverage area: iPhone 13 may have a satellite connection


30 ago 2021 21:54 GMT

The iPhone 13 can connect directly to Low Earth Orbit (or LEO) satellites when there is no cellular connection to the custom baseband chip.

Although a few weeks away from launching a new iPhone, there have been some rumors so far about Apple’s new device. But analyst Ming-Ci has leaked a possible (and unexpected) feature of the brand’s next smartphone, which has already excited fans.

According to the expert, quoted by the portal Macromakers, iPhone 13 may have the ability to configure satellite calls. That means you can make calls with the new Apple ‘smartphone’ When there is no cellular connection.

In a note to investors, Guo says the iPhone 13 can be connected directly to low Earth Orbit (or LEO) satellites via a custom Qualcomm X60 baseband chip.

LEO satellites are known as the backbone of Elon Muskin ‘s Starling Internet service, which relies on satellites in low orbit to send users Internet and avoid some common satellite Internet errors.

This way, even if the iPhone is outside the cellular coverage area, the functionality revealed by the analyst will allow you to send calls and messages.

However, Quo could not confirm whether this feature would work with Apple’s built – in services such as FaceTime or iMessage. It is not known under what circumstances this functionality of the smartphone can be used It will be paid for or provided free of charge.

At the same time, the portal points out that rumors about the emergence of support for satellite communications on the iPhone are not new since it first appeared in 2019.

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