How to see how many charge cycles an iPhone has

Apple cell phones allow you to check the health status of the battery. (Photo: TodoAppleBlog)

Control over health and condition Battery A mobile phone It is an important task that users should take care of to extend the life of these components and ensure that their devices function properly for many years.

In the case iPhone Among their different models, the battery they hold has a maximum range Manjana is up to 500 charge cycles. The closer the component is to that figure, the more likely a malfunction will occur. Once you break it, it’s very possible that you won’t even be able to maintain energy mobile phone Download quickly.

to Manjana, the charge cycle is the process by which the battery goes from its minimum level (zero) to its maximum capacity. According to web page The company has designed the batteries in this device to last up to 80% Its original capacity till it reaches 500 cycles and then, it may decrease performance.

So that’s the case iPhone 15, Apple added a special function that allows you to better control the number of these charging cycles to know with greater certainty how many times the battery has been used. Battery Cell phone this way.

iOS 17 adds a new function to control how many charge cycles a cell phone battery has and monitor the health of iPhone components. (Ray Wong/@raywongy)

To access this feature, users need to perform the following steps:

– Open the app “systemsOn the iPhone 15.

– Enter section “General” and press “Info” option.

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– Select the category “Battery”.

In this section, you can see the number Charging cycles The date of manufacture of the battery is recorded in the computer along with other relevant data such as the estimated date of first use.

The information provided in this table will allow users to make better decisions in their case iPhone Such as the time you want to take it to the official store Manjana To make a Maintenance Or replace the battery if you want to continue using the device for a few more years.

This functionality also helps users who are concerned about their maintenance mobile phone and previously required applications From third parties to learn this information. Since the process is simple, it is easy to make an informed decision.

iOS 17 adds a new function to control how many charge cycles a cell phone battery has and monitor the health of iPhone components. (Apple Insider)

A way to take care of the useful life of batteries iPhone For example, this means avoiding fully charging it and letting it run out completely. It is appropriate to connect it when there is at least 20% power.

In this case, it is important that you achieve only that 80% The remaining 20% ​​of battery capacity is over-utilized until the process is complete Electricity It also generates excessive heat which can damage some of the internal components of the cell phone Battery.

On the other hand, it is important that you do not reveal your cell phone temperature High or extreme, because the battery may be damaged and there will be no other solution than to buy new components. If you are going to leave iPhone Preferably on a surface that doesn’t get direct sunlight, much less when it’s charging.

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Additionally, it is important for users not to connect their devices to the charger before going to sleep. The charging process to its optimal level takes no more than two hours, so doing this while resting can cause damage. Battery and may affect their performance.

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