How to Play Tricky or Three Online from Google Chrome

Tricky is a strategy game for two players playing on a 3×3 board. (Screenshot)

Google has created a new entertainment option, the popular game “Tricky”, “Three in a Row”,”zeroes And crosses”,”tatetí” orcat”It can now be run from the Chrome browser.

Tricky is a two-person strategy game where you only need a game board 3×3 squares. Each person is assigned a symbol, usually a “X“or either”One” and alternate turns to place their symbol on an empty space on the board.

The goal is to line up your three symbols in a row, column or diagonal before the other player does.

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Each player is assigned a symbol, usually an “X” and an “O”. (Screenshot)

To beat Google in a game of Tricky, search the search engine for the word “three in a row” (or type Tricky) and a green board will appear where you can choose the symbol you want to play. .

Start the game immediately by selecting the first box where the symbol is placed, and Google will be the next player, and so on until a win or tie.

You need to accumulate as many hits as possible and if you want, you can take a screenshot and share it with a Google user on Twitter. There are already many comments from users who think they have hacked the system.

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Firstly Strategy game, considered to be of no known origin. Some sources suggest that he may have been born in ancient times Egypt, Old Rome or inside India.

Pac-Man, a game available on Google. (Screenshot)

To access the games, you need to type the name you want to access into the Chrome browser. Even on special dates, the Google home page turns into a special version of a topic.Pac Man” to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

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Loneliness” is also available. The objective is to move all the cards on the table to the top piles in ascending order starting with the ace and up to the king.

The Google version has a scoring system and lets you choose between three levels of difficulty.

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Solitaire is a game available on Google. (Screenshot)

Dino Run” It’s also on Google and used when there’s no internet connection, it involves running and jumping over obstacles as a dinosaur advances through the desert. Your goal is to keep the dinosaur alive as long as possible and each level is faster.

This game can be started by clicking on the screen.

Beethoven’s 245th birthday” is another interactive game created for birthdays Ludwig van Beethoven, And its purpose is to create music and harmony.

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To access you need to write in the search engine: “Beethoven’s 245th Birthday Google Doodle” and the first link that appears is accessed.

Additionally, there is the classic “Snake” in which you have to guide the snake across the screen to eat the apple and grow taller. Avoid crashing into walls or its own tail.

“Halloween Cat Game” is an addictive Halloween game where you have to help the cat fight ghosts and ghosts. (Screenshot)

Finally, there is “Halloween cat game” in which you have to help the cat fight demons and ghosts.

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