Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – March 19, 2023

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, Reporter) — A goal from Kessi in extra time gave Barca a decisive golden victory in the race for the league. The leader came back thanking the two players who had been the protagonists of Petrie’s injury. Sergi Roberto, who occupied a place in the starting eleven, equalized at half-time, with Kessi coming on for him midway through the second half to score the championship goal.

Not since 2017, when Luis Enrique’s Barca won 2-3 at the Bernabeu, has the side that started the rout won a Clasico. Since 2018, Barça have not won a Clasico at the Camp Nou. At the right time, at the right time, he did it. The league is already yours.

Realizing they faced an unbeatable chance to defend the title, Barca came back into the game. About pressing on the opposite side, running with determination and alerting Madrid. Courtois had already saved two of Lewandowski’s shots after five minutes and Rafinha and Xavi’s team had obliterated the edge survivor image he showed in the cup game at the Bernabeu.

Barca relished it and slowed Real down as much as they could… until a ball came to Vinicius deep down, who pounced on it… and the ball ended up in the net after outjumping Araujo and surprising Ter Stegen. Ancelotti’s side have extracted oil from almost nothing, Barca haven’t won a Clasico since October 2018 (5-1) and caused surprise and fear in a camp where Madrid have won the last two visits.

But this time, far from crumbling and dejected, and far from surrendering to fate, the leader redoubled his bets, his persuasion and his will. He may have blundered in haste and left dangerous spots, which the opponent failed to capitalize on, but his bowling and command were commendable and award-worthy.

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An award that came close to half-time after Courtois equalized again on the half-hour mark, thanks to that insistence, ended with a superb Tide shot from Mani’s savior Sergi Roberto. He deserves to be the hero.

Controversy and sentence

This is how Madrid lost the win at half time, which was beyond their interests and Barça saved their heads, now without reservations and surrendered both in the second half. Some are looking to win to punish the championship, while others are looking to stay alive in their quest.

Xavi’s side continued to dominate and Ancelotti assumed a secondary role, playing on the counter and probing the back of the defence. A classic in the Clasico, but Barca did not capitalize on their dominance with the margin and each against Madrid caused a scare.

So, ten minutes from the end, in one of those climbs where Barca’s defense was out of control, Asensio was able to finish 1-2 with Carvajal’s low cross… which was disallowed after being checked by VAR. . Madrid complained about the decision, proving successful in repeated cancellations, which, of course, did not stop it from stirring up controversy until a decision without history, however nerve-racking.

Barca understood the risk of going 2-1 down and wanted to settle for a draw that was already serving them well… until Kessi appeared in added time to join the party and score the league’s final goal.

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