AAA confirms that customer and employee information was compromised following a cyberattack

Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) President Doriel Pagán confirmed this Saturday that a cyberattack originating last week on the company’s systems led to the compromise of information from customers and its employees.

In a press release, the head of PRASA stated that she is working on a criminal investigation with the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). English) actively after a cyber security incident.

It should be noted that once we discover the incident, we work from the first moment with the relevant authorities, the FBI and CISA, specifically. Likewise, PRASA activated its security protocols immediately,” the CEO explained.

However, it was detailed that critical infrastructure was not affected, and this is due to fragmentation of AAA networks. For this reason, there is no risk of interruption of operations.

PRITS Executive Director Nanette Martinez established that “as part of the sound government governance this government has established, we have agreements with the FBI where they are integrated on the spot and we share information as well as receiving input on protocols and analysis of evidence.”

They also explained in detail that the criminal organization has already been identified at the national level and this unfortunately is an aspect that we continue to deal with globally because of the way we handle information. Currently, we continue to analyze the potential impact, attack vector and scope to issue a more detailed communication to affected users.”

“As this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further. However, we assure all our clients that the services provided by the authority are still valid and we continue to work to provide high quality and efficient service,” Pagan said.

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The agency urged all of its clients to access their accounts and change their passwords periodically — not just on the AAA platform — but on all platforms with accounts. In the same way, they invite all citizens to visit the page To avoid falling victim to a cyberattack.

As the investigation progresses and we can provide more detailed information, impact and next steps, we will share updated information.

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