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A plot full of love, intrigue, revenge, betrayals and more is coming soon to America, we say. “Unbeatable Love”, a Televisa Univision telenovela It promises to entertain the audience and it has the lead roles Angelique BoyerDanilo Carrera and Daniel Elbiter.

“Take a mother’s children and you will face a lion”reads a 30-second promotional video released by Univision, showing us the suffering of a woman who is led to believe her children are dead.

In anticipation of knowing when this melodrama based on the hit Portuguese production “Salty Sea: Hope Never Dies” starts airing, we tell you when, where and how to watch it.

Angelique Boyer, Danilo Carrera and Daniel Elbiter star in the novel “Invincible Love” (Photo: Televisa Univision)

When will we see “Unbeatable Love” in the United States?

“Unbeatable Love” is coming to America in the coming days. Here is the exact data:

  • Release Date: Monday, April 3
  • “Unbeatable Love” Hours: 9P/8C
  • Where?: by Univision

It should be noted that The first episode lasts for two hours; So now you know, starting Monday, April 3rd, nights at Univision will be entertaining.

On the other hand, taking into account the time it is offered “Unbeatable Love”Telenovela by Juan Osorio competes directly with Hit Telemundo series “El Señor de los Cielos”Starring Rafael Amaya.

“Invisible Love” stars Angelique Boyer, Danilo Carrera and Daniel Elpitar (Photo: Televisa Univision)

Is it already open in Mexico?

In Mexico, “Invincible Love” premiered on February 20 Through Las Estrellas, it is a channel that airs in prime time from Monday to Friday; That is at 9.30 pm

What did the leaders say about the telenovela?

“It’s a great story from episode number 1, we’re shooting in amazing locations between Mazatlán and Mexico City, everything is done very cinematically in the technical part but maintains the essence of melodrama. It has great actors and actresses and the hand-directed work of Eric Morales is a treat”Daniel Elbitar said .

“The writers created a woman that we want to see: with great courage, presence, protection, faith, as a mother. I think that’s the greatest love, so we’re going to see her fight for her children and defeat the evil of great enemies. The truth is, the story is very good. and very thorough”Angelique Boyer said.

More information on “Unwinnable Love”.

Paperback of the telenovela “Impossible Love”

  • Eligibility: “Unbeatable Love”
  • Gender: Soap opera
  • Country of Birth: Mexico
  • Created by: Pablo Ferrer Garcia-Dravy and Santiago Pineda Aliceda
  • basically “The Salt Sea” by Inês Gomes
  • Start of Entries: November 2022
  • Premier: February 2023
  • Production: Televisa Univision
  • Producer: Juan Osorio
  • Director: Eric Morales
  • Language: Spanish
  • Chapters:70
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