How to have two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung mobile

In this guide I will tell you all the steps you need to follow to have two WhatsApp accounts on your Samsung mobile.

A UI dual messaging feature

In this guide I will explain what steps you need to take Have two WhatsApp accounts On Samsung mobile. This is made possible by a UI feature Double messaging. If you want to access two different profiles from the same phone, I suggest you stay till the end. Here’s what you need to do to achieve it.

How to Enable Dual Messaging on Samsung Mobile with One UI

To have two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung device No need to install any app. Obviously, if you’re looking for some advanced options when copying apps on Android, it’s best to opt for third-party solutions that help you have two accounts for any app.

Double messaging It is not a very advanced tool. However, this is precisely its simplicity and truth will be integrated into the systemThis makes this solution very interesting from my point of view.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung mobile

Here are the steps to activate a second instance of WhatsApp and this way, you can use another account in addition to the main account

Now, how does double texting work on Samsung phones? First, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. press on Improved features.
  3. Tap Double messaging.
  4. In the top list you will see all the apps that this setting allows you to copy.
  5. Tap on the WhatsApp slider.
  6. Follow the additional steps that appear on the screen.
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If you wonder, what is he going to do? Double messaging Copying the WhatsApp application, a Independent space for every event. This will allow you to configure two different accounts on each.

An important detail is that during the process, the One UI tool will let you decide if you want to Use different contact lists for the application. This will help you further separate the two accounts, preventing them from sharing agendas. I advise you to enable this function if one of the accounts is for work and the other is for personal use.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung mobile

A second WhatsApp installation was created with a UI dual messaging feature

As shown in the image above, one of the WhatsApp cases It is marked with an orange badge. Keep this detail in mind to easily distinguish which account the messages you receive come from.

Tips when using double messaging

It is possible for you to get through the day Lots of WhatsApp messages. If you duplicate the application and add a second account, hundreds of notifications can reach your mobile phone. Having two installations of the same app can lead to confusion, so, let me give you some proper advice.

Keep this in mind when using a double message:

  • Please verify the account in the app before sending the message. Having two WhatsApp applications installed on your device may cause you to send messages from the wrong number. So, before sending a message, especially if its content is important, make sure you are in the right instance.
  • Remember which account you used with each WhatsApp installation. As I told you, one of the two apps you are going to install has an orange badge. It also appears in notifications. It is important not to forget which account you have configured in each cases.
  • Always use official solutions. WhatsApp will allow you to use two accounts on the same phone in future. When that happens, it’s best to opt for the official solution instead of resorting to systems like Dual Messaging, which can be a bit more confusing.

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