how to delete the space occupied by ‘others’ in Xiaomi

The space occupied by ‘others’ in Xiaomi is usually something quite annoying. As time goes by, more and more gigabytes are used, and we may not be clear about what exactly is there and why we are losing so much internal memory. After all, we all like to free up space on our mobile.

We are going to explain to you what’s inside the ‘others’ section in Xiaomi and tell you some methods to end much of the space it is occupying. This section will never be zero, but we can free up a good part of the storage.

The damn ‘others’ section of Xiaomi (and other mobiles)

The ‘others’ section, as its name suggests, refers to those files that cannot be classified into the system categories. They can have a different extension, and range from temporary files of the apps such as records made by the system itself or backup copies that are made without our knowing it.

Although we do not download anything additional, the ‘others’ section fills up only as we use our phone

Over time, this section is filling up, so it can occupy gigabytes and more gigabytes. We are going to show you how you can erase some of your data, to give your internal memory some breathing space.

How to delete ‘others’ on Xiaomi

There are several ways to delete files that end up going to ‘other’. The first is do a cleaning with the MIUI tool itself. It helps clear cache, some temporary files, and junk that your phone no longer needs. Just open the ‘Security’ app and do a cleanup.

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Seven applications to free up space on an Android mobile that really work

The other big culprit here is Xiaomi’s .log file folder. From Xiaomi’s own file explorer, we just have to follow these steps.

Other Xiaomi Delete

  • Open the file manager
  • Go to the ‘Storage’ section, where are all the folders
  • Go to the MIUI folder
  • Click on ‘Debug_log’
  • Look at the .log files in these folders

The number of folders within the MIUI root folder will depend on how we use the phone. Sometimes, within these folders huge .log files are generated, of several gigabytes.

Inside the ‘MIUI’ folder, browse all the folders you find. If you see large log files, delete them without fear

Although we have focused on the ‘Debug_log’ folder, you can delete temporary files from the rest of the subfolders of the ‘MIUI’ folder. Depending on the use of the phone, we will have more or less files here

However, there is a quick way to know which folders are taking up space. You only have leave pressed on any folder, click on ‘more’ and click on ‘details’. This way we will be able to know exactly how much the MIUI folder occupies with the temporary files.

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