How long does love last? This says science

In human history, love and its duration have stimulated thousands of poems, stories, and even serious studies They want to reveal all the secrets behind this activitydeeply human.

A new study conducted by scientists from the Complutense University of Madrid, Now reveal how long love lastsat least in terms of the psychological and physiological reactions it causes.

The first stage of love lasts about six months. Photo: Pexels

How many stages does love have?

According to the study conducted on more than 400 people of different ages who had romantic relationships over different periods, Love has three stages: falling in love, passionate love, and partner love.

In the case of the first stage, It usually lasts for an average of six months. It is characterized by greater intimacy and something that specialists call “passionate love,” where the elements of attraction are always present.

During the second stage of love, passion is very important. Photo: Pexels

The second stage is the emotional love stage It ranges from six months to nearly four years. During this period, passionate love decreases, while romantic love increases.

With luck you can get to the third stage, which is love partnerany It starts at four years It is supported by various factors, among which the family or the community and the support given to the spouses form a crucial part.

The third stage of love is characterized by greater understanding. Photo: Pexels

In our research, Only 8 percent of people have been in a relationship for more than 7 years (a total of 34 subjects, with an average duration of approximately 10 years), of which we cannot confirm anything with sufficient guarantees from those dates,” the study details.

Tips for keeping love alive

for researchers, There is no secret formula for love to lastRealizing that love is constantly evolving and that nothing is written in personal relationships is a good start.

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“If people realize that there are different kinds of factors in a love relationship, some excited and some not, and that depending on many variables, both internal and external to the relationship, their intensity will vary, I may be in a better position to deal with these changes,” The researchers point out.

According to researchers, love is constantly evolving. Photo: Pexels

Scientists point this out It is important not to set unrealizable expectationsSince you and your partner will see changes over time, you must learn to enjoy them.

“If you learn to recognize that the reduction of emotion is natural and inevitable and is replaced by another series of positive factors that did not exist before or were present with less intensity, You must not suffer when you realize that after ‘x’ years (2, 5 or 28) you no longer feel the unbridled passion of the first dayand do not conclude from this that you no longer “love” the partner, and that the relationship must end, because there is no “true love”, as the study concluded.

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